Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Living with #NoExcuses

If you live in the Northeast like me, then you are probably reading this in your snow boots. Goodbye Juno!

Living in New England sometimes means that snow days look like this:

Living with #NoExcuses means that little things like a snow storm, knee surgery, work or whatever excuse I might be tempted to use won't prevent me from getting in a workout. It means that being active and staying fit is a priority. I have at least 10 minutes every day to make fitness happen.

Join the challenge!

Since almost every major storm is accompanied by a power outage, mrC and I decided to be proactive and checked into a hotel before the snow accumulated locking us in our house. We were lucky enough to get into the same hotel that I used over Thanksgiving, which has a pretty good fitness center and pool.

I was determined to not spend the entire snow day just sitting around.

Here are my #NoExcuses snow day workouts:

#tightercore day 4

PT mashup
wall sit - reverse slider lunges (I even got mrC in on the fun)
- single leg dead lifts - single leg dips

10 laps in the pool and 15 minutes in the hot tub
(on a side note: the hot tub worked wonders on my tight hip)
Note to self: get hot tub asap!

a couple of dog walks

Hotels often have breakfast buffets, but you never know if it will be gluten-free friendly. Knowing that we would have access to a mini-fridge and microwave, we brought some food staples with us.

Here are my snow day paper plate eats:

PB&J apple cinnamon rice cakes

turkey and cheese roll ups

gluten-free pizza

I live #NoExcuses so I can be the best me for myself and my family.

Why do you live with #NoExcuses?

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