Monday, January 26, 2015

Knee Rehab Week 6 - 2:3 Intervals

The Return to Running program continued with three 20 minute walk/runs and more PT sessions. I'm really not minding the interval running since my actual run time continues to increase. Using the same 2:3 interval time for each run also made it fun to compare my distance.

My knee is feeling better and better, although that pesky tight TFL is still looking for attention. I found a video that shows a way to stretch it out, but I honestly feel the most when I just cross my right foot in front of my left.  I'd love comments from any of you who might have dealt with tight TFL and what worked for you.

Tuesday: 1.68 miles
The plan - walk 2 minutes, run 3 minutes, repeat 4x

It felt so good to change after school to actually run with Run Club instead of walk like I've been doing since November! There is a nice little neighborhood loop across the street from the high school that is the perfect place for my intervals and is mostly cleared of ice and snow.

Thursday: 1.70 miles
The plan - walk 2 minutes, run 3 minutes, repeat 4x

My TFL was feeling a little tight after Tuesday's run, so I have been trying to stretch really well after my runs. Ironically, my knee doesn't bother me at all.

Sunday: 1.45 miles
The plan - walk 2 minutes, run 3 minutes, repeat 4x

A small nor' easter arrived on Saturday, so I waited to do my final 2:3 interval run. We were meeting oldestC downtown and decided to do our run there. The sidewalks weren't as clear as we expected, so we had to really watch our footing. Even though we had to take things slower, I feel good about this being my last 2:3 interval run.

Weekly Workouts:

Monday: PT exercises and one mile walk

Tuesday: Run and PT session - new exercises include front lunges and weighted single leg dead lifts 

Wednesday: One mile walk

Thursday: Run and PT session

Friday: One mile walk and PT exercises

Saturday: One mile walk, taking on a #tightercore challenge (see video here), and PT exercises

Sunday: #tightercore day 2, run

My favorite parts of week 2 of the Sweat Pink #NoExcuses challenge were calling out a couple of badasses and being pushed to try things that might be a little scary right now…

Now it's  time to prepare for Winter Storm Juno. We're in the 18-24 inches area. (yay)

How was your week?
Are you in the path of the storm?

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