Friday, January 30, 2015

Fitness Assessments


As a teacher, this is a word that I say several times a day.

As a runner and fitness enthusiast, not so much.

I recently read a great post by Michelle at A Pace of Balance about assessing yourself and I realized that I actually do this.

#tightercore challenge - The first time I did this 10 minute workout from Pop Sugar, I could barely do a bird dog without falling over, let alone a bird dog with a twist. After completing the same workout for  5 days, I can feel and see improvement (I'm still wobbly, but no more falling out of form).

Interval running - Every time I log a run, I compare numbers. I don't think about the numbers when I run; I think about how I feel. Using the data from my GPS watch lets me see the baby steps I am making in my fitness progress. Even when I can't notice it when I'm running.

Speaking of running…I've been doing all of my runs outside. Some people look at me like I'm crazy, but I love running in the winter. As long as it is above 10 degrees, it is ok. And of course I dress appropriately.

Fitful Focus

Here's what I've been wearing. Lots of layering, but always my Nike Therma Fit on top and Athleta tights on the bottom. The Nike top feels like fleece on the inside and has the must-have thumb holes. I'm loving everything about the Mile Compression Tights: great fit, sleek design, and lots of reflective features.

When the temps dip into the 20s or below, I add my Lululemon neck warmer, Mizuno gloves, and if it is windy my Athleta hat.

Do you use fitness assessments?
What's your favorite winter gear?

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