Monday, February 2, 2015

Knee Rehab Week 7 - 1:4 Intervals

Another title for this post could be "playing games with the weather." We'd been having a rather mild winter until last Tuesday when Juno pushed into New England. The week became a game of getting runs in before or after the crazy weather! And it continues today with another big storm bearing down on us.

Monday: 1.90 miles
The plan - walk 1 minute, run 4 minutes, repeat 4x

Usually I run on Tuesday, but a winter storm warning meant a change of plans. This was my first time running back to back days since before my surgery (I also ran on Sunday) and it was my first 1:4 interval. I was nervous at the start, but quickly knew that my knee was going to be fine. I could definitely feel my lost fitness. Running 4 minutes as opposed to 3 minutes seems like such a small thing, but my body was telling me I still have work to do!

Thursday: 2 miles
The plan - walk 1 minute, run 4 minutes, repeat 4x

One thing I love about exam week is that I get an hour for lunch. It was a cold day, but the sun was shining which made this an awesome winter run. I turned my watch off at 20 minutes (per PT instructions), but when I saw 1.94 on the display, I had to run a little more through the parking lot to get 2 miles. Why not, right?

Sunday - 2.18 miles
The plan - walk 1 minute, run 4 minutes, repeat 4x

I put off the run until Sunday hoping the winds and temperature would be more reasonable, but ended up staying home for my first post-op treadmill run. I was nervous: would running on the treadmill bother my knee? How would I know the right speed for the intervals? In the end, my knee felt fine. I picked 3.5 for the walking, and went from 5 - 5.4 for the running.

Weekly Workouts:

Monday - run + #tightercore day 3

Tuesday - #tightercore day 4 + PT + swim

Wednesday - walk on TM + #tightercore day 5 + PT

Thursday - run + PT session + #tightercore day 6

Friday - #tightercore day 7 + walk on TM

Saturday - PT + #tighercore day 8 + Hip Hugger

Sunday - #tightercore day 9 + FAB AB February day 1 + run

It's not always easy to live with #NoExcuses. Week 3 of the challenge was a true test of not letting the excuses get the better of me. Pushing through the moments and staying focused feels even better when I get to #SundayZenday.

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Did you watch the Super Bowl?
How do you get your zen on?

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