Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts Review + Giveaway!!

If you're like me, you might not know exactly what hemp is.

Well, it's basically a super food! It's considered super because every part of the plant can be used for something. For athletes and vegetarians/vegans, it's a super food because of the grand amount of plant-based protein packed into each serving.

Manitoba Harvest focuses on hemp foods. Since I know very little about them and I'm always on the lookout for ways to add more protein to my diet, I was eager to try a sample of Hemp Hearts as part of the Sweat Pink campaign.

Hemp Hearts are often compared to flax and chia, but I learned that they are actually quite different. Hemp Hearts have more protein than the other two (10g per 30g serving), but no fiber since the shell has been removed. All three seeds are high in Omegas, but flax and chia have more Omega-3 (sometimes viewed as more valuable) whereas hemp has more Omega-6. Right now, chia and hemp are more expensive than flax.

Recommended to be easy to use, I decided to put mine to the test.

I sprinkled some into my smoothie.

I tossed some in my salad.

I scattered some in my cheesy quinoa and tuna.

Hemp Hearts have a slightly nutty flavor (like sunflower seeds), but it's not overpowering. To be honest, I couldn't really taste it at all. That's ok with me. I'd rather enjoy the benefits of a super food than have to force myself to eat it!

Hemp Hearts can be added to cereal, soup, or eaten right out of the bag. There are a ton of yummy looking recipes on the Manitoba website. This one of the Hemp Seed Encrusted Salmon is on my recipe-to-try list. And you can print $1.00 off coupons.

You're also invited to this sweet, protein-packed, live Hangout on Air

I hope you are interested in trying Hemp Hearts for yourself because Manitoba Harvest is letting me GIVEAWAY a bag of Hemp Hearts to one lucky reader (US or Canada)!

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Do you use a super food like Hemp Hearts?

This review is part of a Sweat Pink campaign. 
I received product from Manitoba Harvest, but all opinions are my own.

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