Wednesday, February 4, 2015

What #NoExcuses Looks Like

This is what #NoExcuses looks like to me.

It's tackling that hill. It's pushing through moments that are uncomfortable. It's embracing the challenges (like knee surgery) and using them as motivation. It's making it to the finish, the top. It's never quitting.

#NoExcuses means making good food choices, too. Being snowed in by winter storms can seriously mess with my routine causing me to overeat and just eat plain junk. I'm jumping on the WIAW bandwagon today and sharing some of my recent selections.

gluten-free salmon patties

parm-crusted haddock, green beans, and rice

sausage and spinach egg muffins with PB&J rice cakes



What does #NoExcuses look like to you?

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