Monday, February 16, 2015

Knee Rehab Week 9: Running for Time

My return to running after knee surgery has come with a new perspective on my runs. Instead of running for distance, I am setting run duration goals. I used to get all caught up in the miles (which probably led to many of my injuries), but this year one of my goals is to "just run."

Running by time reminds me of the time I bought my first brand new car. It was a base model with no extras…not even a radio. Oh, and it was a standard which I had never really driven before. Without the radio, I was forced to listen to the engine of that car as I learned to drive it. Now, without the distraction of hitting a certain distance, I am learning to drive my runs. Running by time is allowing me to pay attention to my breathing and how I feel.

Tuesday - 2.55 miles
The plan: Run into town and back (thinking 25 minutes)

Instead of running the neighborhood loop, we decided to do a snow test of the sidewalks and the side streets. All of the sidewalks were a mess, but the streets were mostly pavement. If the snowbanks weren't crowding the roadways, we could've easily run against traffic and enjoyed the rare sunny, snow-free February day. By the time we got back to school, my quads were burning from running on the snowy sidewalks!

Thursday - 3.07
The plan: run 35 minutes

My chiropractor appointment was right after school and then it started snowing, so I had to make a date with the treadmill. About 20 minutes into this run, I started to feel blah. I hung in there for another 10 minutes before calling it quits. This was just a low energy run (aka I need a break from winter!).

Saturday - 4.65 miles
The plan: run 45 minutes

It was bitterly cold before the arrival of yet another snow storm. Even if the temperature wasn't a feels like -3, there's nowhere to run as the sides of the roads are lined with 3-4 feet high snow banks! After spending the last couple of days rolling my gluteus medius with a tennis ball as suggested by my chiropractor, my hip felt pretty darn good! So happy with this run and relieved that my knee is not showing any problems as I increase my running time.

Weekly Workouts

Monday: #tightercore + FAB AB day 9 + PT exercises

Tuesday: Run + #tightercore + FAB AB day 10

Wednesday: PT + #tightercore + FAB AB day 11

Thursday: Run + #tightercore + FAB AB day 12

Friday: PT exercises + #tightercore + FAB AB day 13

Saturday: Run + #tightercore + FAB AB day 14

Sunday:  #tightercore + FAB AB day 15 + PT exercises

This 12 day challenge is part of the prAna #TakeTheLeap 30 day yoga challenge. During the 12 days, prAna Ambassador, Michael Fukumura, shares a “Spring Awakening” sequence that offers daily poses. I love being exposed to new poses and seeing how my body responds. I'm learning that I have tight muscles in more places than I expected and that I'm not as strong as I thought I was.

Do you for time or for distance?

Congrats to Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts winner
Holly D!

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