Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Workout Wednesday + WIAW: New Challenges

In case you didn't already know, I love a challenge. I just finished the Holiday Sweat six week challenge and saw results that I wasn't expecting.

Motivated by my progress, I am ready to push forward. As usual I am using challenges to keep me inspired.

Marathon Sports Winter Warriors challenge -  This is a month long challenge. I have pledged to walk (then run) 1 mile every day OUTSIDE with Team Oiselle! As a team we are hoping to log the most miles, but individually I can earn Bronze status based on my goal. In order to achieve Bronze status, I must walk/run 1 mile EVERY DAY. It is not based on an average. So even in the bitter cold or a blizzard, I must get out and walk/run!

MRTT Miles Club and Run This Year - These are both year long challenges and both let you choose your own mileage goal. My goal for the year is 300, which is considerably less than previous years. Even with all my injuries I was able to log 500+ miles in 2014. This year I am trying to focus on "just running" so my goal is conservative, but I'm secretly hoping to be able to run closer to 500.

FRUIT Challenge: To continue the trend started during the Holiday Sweat challenge, I am challenging myself to eat more fruit. My goal is to eat the daily recommended amount (about 1 1/2 cups according to USDA) of fruit. I figure if I break it into a 1/2 cup per meal, I should be able to do it. Here's a look at I ate yesterday.

{breakfast} wild berry smoothie {lunch) strawberries and {dinner} apple slices

How do you motivate yourself to meet your goals?
Are you a fruit eater?

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