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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Treadmill Workouts for Non-Runners

For my interval training workout today I choose treadmill hill repeats. I was in the mood for something different ---> aka something other than the elliptical. I still love the elliptical for sprints, but I've been missing my old friend the treadmill. So I took a workout that was meant to be for runners (and I have done it that way in the past) and modified it to be a walking interval workout.

Broke in my new Lorna Jane Never Never Never Give Up tank today. Love!
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This got me thinking about other treadmill workouts for non-runners like me. Just because we can't run, don't like to run or have a running injury doesn't mean that the treadmill is off limits for a good interval training workout.

I talked about interval training in this post and today I'm going to share some really good treadmill interval workouts (including the one I did today) that can be modified to match your level of walking.

This is the workout I did today (my speeds are in kph...because I live in Hong Kong):

From online friends and apps that I've tried and liked (if no speed or incline is indicated, chose what's best for you):

I thought this one sounded fun, but I haven't tried it yet (I've got to get over my worrying about what others at the gym will think issues):

This shows how to use the basic interval training plan, just choose the walking speed that fits your fitness.

Of course these workouts can all be modified for all the runners out there, too.

Do you do workouts on the treadmill or do you just walk/run?

Today I'm doing the link-up with Patty, Erika, and Marcia for Tuesdays on the Run! 

*Please note that all speeds are suggestions. Set your treadmill speed to what best suits your fitness ability.

**Also, if a warmup/cool down is not included in the workout, be sure to include 5-10 minutes of movement before starting the workout and 10-15 minutes after finishing.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Wacky Weather and A Wonky Knee Didn't Stop Workout Wednesday

Sometimes you just have to wait out the weather.

Today was one of those days. Black rainstorm warning, thunderstorm warning, flood warning, landslide warning...too many warnings. I think I'll stay inside!!

When the warnings were finally lifted and the rain died down, I turned my morning workout into an afternoon workout. This is actually a big deal for me because I'm usually only motivated to workout in the morning. Since it was still raining and I don't take any chances when in comes to my knee (the sidewalks can be slippery), I went to the fitness center.

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I have to show off my city slicker rain jacket just a little. It's lightweight, it's long and it folds up into its own pocket making it so easy to throw into my bag or tote if I don't need it. I also love the big front pockets.

For today's treadmill interval run, I tried a new app called Running For Weight Loss. The workout: 5 minute walking WU, 3:2 run/walk x2, 3:3 r/w x2, 2:3 r/w, 2:2 r/w, 5 CD.

Some things I liked about this app and workout: 1) the intervals times were a mix instead of the same from start to finish 2) audio instructions and optional music available 3) included a warm up and cool down. What I didn't like: 1) it only records distance/pace via GPS on outdoor runs and it didn't let me edit the workout to add the details myself 2) upgrade ads pop up all the time when you're in the app. 3) not app related, but I had to manually change the speed of the treadmill

It was a good workout, but it felt a little easy. I don't know if that was because my last run outside was a big time struggle or if I played it safe after my fitness class on Monday.

Let me go back to Monday. I attended Body Attack Aerobics again. It was an awesome workout again. I burned a ton of calories AGAIN. The only problem is that after class my knee felt a little off. Something happened when I was doing knee pushups during a strength track. Like my kneecap got wonky or something. Side-note: if I could do more full pushups, I probably wouldn't have this problem!

The good news is that after my run today and a little extra TLC in the form of stretching (like my favorites) and massage, I think my wonky knee is back to normal. Phew!

Do you like rainstorms?
Can you workout anytime or are you a workout in the morning only type person?

Today I’m linking up with Susie and Rachel and Debbie and Lora for the Running Coaches' Corner and I'm linking up with AnnmarieNicole and Jen for Wild Workout Wednesday!!


Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Substitute Hill Workout and Low Carb Day 2

I slept until almost 8:00 which is something I never do, so I must have been tired from running around three different states in the last two weeks.

I sweet talked mrC into going to a gym since it was raining after his work meeting. We ended up at Best Fitness in East Longmeadow after Western New England University (where several of mrC's family members have gone/currently go) insisted that a member be with us in the gym. Well, that doesn't work.

Best Fitness not only accommodated us with a two day pass, but also did so at no charge! We were obviously thrilled and even more thrilled by the facilities. It was huge!

I thought I'd be brave and try to do the sprint workout on the treadmill. My knee did not like even one 10 second sprint. Instead I cranked the incline to the max and alternated every 30 seconds for 10 minutes for a serious hill walking workout. In the future I will stick to the elliptical or bike for sprints.

What I ate on low carb day #2

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs without milk and black coffee
My mother-in-law made them and is such a sweetie for trying to understand what I'm up to.

Lunch: Honey turkey breast slices, celery sticks, classic hummus, and half of a Berried Up To Here smoothie. 
We got the smoothie from My Main Squeeze, a popular juicery and smoothie shop in East Longmeadow. It wasn't my favorite, but I think that was because I used pea protein (to stay dairy free) and I'm used to whey. Ingredients: blueberry, raspberry, strawberry, almond milk, spinach, kale, chia seeds, hemp seeds, pea protein.

Dinner: salmon, asparagus, and baked beans
The best part was that my sister-in-law and niece who are also doing the program joined us for dinner. 

The goal on low carb days is to stay under 50 grams. I was over. Although, if I figure the net carbs, I might have been under 50. It was the fruit smoothie. I guess I will be saving those for other days. 

I'm still learning my way around MFP and I have a lot to learn. For example, I don't understand my macro percentages based on my grams consumed. 

Time to enjoy feast day! I hope I can eat all the calories :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Sometimes being a baby has benefits...

Today was my 23rd run in China.

It was also my longest run 5.05 miles.

I used to run all the time on the treadmill. Then I started running outside and looking down on the treadmill miles as inadequate. What was I thinking? Miles are miles. Some people run 100 miles non-stop on a treadmill. That's pretty bad-ass.

A month ago I was lucky enough to score a membership to the Hilton Fitness Center. I started swimming laps after my hikes and runs. My bad knee started to get cranky. This happened in Dubai too, so I stopped doing laps.

It's been two weeks since I swam laps. Most of my runs have been at the fitness center on the treadmill. At first this bothered me and I thought, I'm being a baby and running on the treadmill instead of being all tough chick in the heat. 

Then I had an awesome run...on the treadmill. During that run my iPod shuffled to a song that I used to listen to A LOT when I first started running at the YMCA in 2005 ---> WOW! I've been running for 10 years! Anywhoo, that song has a slow bpm and my legs kind of naturally fell into the rhythm. I slowed the speed down and then everything just felt right.

I'm learning that there are benefits to running on the treadmill:

1. You can definitely beat the heat running inside. Although I leave sweat drops all over the machine.

2. It's a safe place to test your body after an injury or experiencing pain. No worries about having to get back home if you have to stop part way.

3. There's an ability to control your run to focus on mechanics and feeling. Here in China especially, there's just too many distractions (people and traffic) to allow yourself to concentrate on much more than not running into something.

4. Since I don't usually listen to music on outdoor runs, on the treadmill I can enjoy my iTunes collection of old and new songs. Sometimes a good song is just what you need to reset your running rhythm.

Most of my runs since leaving the U.S. have been 3 miles or less. My hips were feeling a little tight after today's five. My chiropractor recommended rolling my glutes on a tennis ball. Ouch! Hurts so good. But it works.

Tomorrow I'm going to focus on strength. I've heard that even 10 minutes a day of strength can make a big difference in your overall health. I'm on it.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Done Before Noon and A New Favorite Snack!

I might have mentioned that it gets really hot in Shenzhen. Lately by noon it feels like 100 degrees or more! I had already adapted to the idea that between 1:00-4:00 people stay inside, but now I'm thinking noon might be a better start time.

Here's what I managed before noon today:

I saw my stability ball just sitting there this morning. So I made up a stability ball workout to do while waiting for the USA vs GER World Cup game to start ----> by the way, how awesome was that win??

After the game I rode the bike to the Hilton for a treadmill run and strength workout. I love that I have my own little parking area.

The Run: planned to do the usual 30 minutes, but I found my groove during mile 3 after my music shuffled to the oldie "Rompe" by Daddy Yankee. Kept it going for 40 and 4.3 miles. Thinking about miles, I ran 31 miles in June, so my July goal is to to beat that.

The Strength: focused on arms: chest press, lateral pull, seated row, medicine ball squat toss, and reclining crunches. SIDENOTE: I did not grunt at all during my strength exercises. Why do men grunt LOUDLY?

On my way home, I stopped at the grocery shop for a few items including BBQ sauce for my crockpot chicken dinner.

By noon, I was back at home and quickly made some turkey roll-ups for a FaceTime lunch date with mrC. I'm so happy that he comes home tomorrow!

I'm fairly certain that Popchips are my new favorite snack ---> and yes, I AM hugging an empty bag...but I promise that I did not eat them ALL today (even though I could!).

I'm going to spend a little time this afternoon reading the new book I downloaded: Luckiest Girl Alive. They say it's as good as Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train and I loved both of those.

Do you grunt when you workout?
What is your favorite snack?