Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Done Before Noon and A New Favorite Snack!

I might have mentioned that it gets really hot in Shenzhen. Lately by noon it feels like 100 degrees or more! I had already adapted to the idea that between 1:00-4:00 people stay inside, but now I'm thinking noon might be a better start time.

Here's what I managed before noon today:

I saw my stability ball just sitting there this morning. So I made up a stability ball workout to do while waiting for the USA vs GER World Cup game to start ----> by the way, how awesome was that win??

After the game I rode the bike to the Hilton for a treadmill run and strength workout. I love that I have my own little parking area.

The Run: planned to do the usual 30 minutes, but I found my groove during mile 3 after my music shuffled to the oldie "Rompe" by Daddy Yankee. Kept it going for 40 and 4.3 miles. Thinking about miles, I ran 31 miles in June, so my July goal is to to beat that.

The Strength: focused on arms: chest press, lateral pull, seated row, medicine ball squat toss, and reclining crunches. SIDENOTE: I did not grunt at all during my strength exercises. Why do men grunt LOUDLY?

On my way home, I stopped at the grocery shop for a few items including BBQ sauce for my crockpot chicken dinner.

By noon, I was back at home and quickly made some turkey roll-ups for a FaceTime lunch date with mrC. I'm so happy that he comes home tomorrow!

I'm fairly certain that Popchips are my new favorite snack ---> and yes, I AM hugging an empty bag...but I promise that I did not eat them ALL today (even though I could!).

I'm going to spend a little time this afternoon reading the new book I downloaded: Luckiest Girl Alive. They say it's as good as Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train and I loved both of those.

Do you grunt when you workout?
What is your favorite snack?

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