Friday, July 3, 2015

Fuel Up Friday: Before, During, & After

After combing through the travel websites, mrC and I bought the tickets for our upcoming vacation back to the states! To celebrate we rode our bikes to the ferry terminal to purchase our tickets to the Hong Kong airport.

Today, like most days, my pre-workout fuel was two PB&J rice cakes.

Since the weather was so nice, we took our bikes for an extended ride on the Shenzhen Bikeway.

At the turn-around there's a cute little snack shack. We usually just get water, but today I needed a little something extra for my mid-workout fuel and I felt like trying something fun and new.

A pineapple popsicle, bīng bǎng in Chinese, hits the spot on a warm humid day! Probably more tastes good than good for me, but you only live once!

After enjoying the views on our 10 mile bike ride, my post-workout fuel was a protein smoothie.

How do you #FuelUpFriday?

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