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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Wacky Weather and A Wonky Knee Didn't Stop Workout Wednesday

Sometimes you just have to wait out the weather.

Today was one of those days. Black rainstorm warning, thunderstorm warning, flood warning, landslide warning...too many warnings. I think I'll stay inside!!

When the warnings were finally lifted and the rain died down, I turned my morning workout into an afternoon workout. This is actually a big deal for me because I'm usually only motivated to workout in the morning. Since it was still raining and I don't take any chances when in comes to my knee (the sidewalks can be slippery), I went to the fitness center.

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I have to show off my city slicker rain jacket just a little. It's lightweight, it's long and it folds up into its own pocket making it so easy to throw into my bag or tote if I don't need it. I also love the big front pockets.

For today's treadmill interval run, I tried a new app called Running For Weight Loss. The workout: 5 minute walking WU, 3:2 run/walk x2, 3:3 r/w x2, 2:3 r/w, 2:2 r/w, 5 CD.

Some things I liked about this app and workout: 1) the intervals times were a mix instead of the same from start to finish 2) audio instructions and optional music available 3) included a warm up and cool down. What I didn't like: 1) it only records distance/pace via GPS on outdoor runs and it didn't let me edit the workout to add the details myself 2) upgrade ads pop up all the time when you're in the app. 3) not app related, but I had to manually change the speed of the treadmill

It was a good workout, but it felt a little easy. I don't know if that was because my last run outside was a big time struggle or if I played it safe after my fitness class on Monday.

Let me go back to Monday. I attended Body Attack Aerobics again. It was an awesome workout again. I burned a ton of calories AGAIN. The only problem is that after class my knee felt a little off. Something happened when I was doing knee pushups during a strength track. Like my kneecap got wonky or something. Side-note: if I could do more full pushups, I probably wouldn't have this problem!

The good news is that after my run today and a little extra TLC in the form of stretching (like my favorites) and massage, I think my wonky knee is back to normal. Phew!

Do you like rainstorms?
Can you workout anytime or are you a workout in the morning only type person?

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Monday, May 8, 2017

Body Attack Aerobics and the Pool

This morning I tried a new Les Mills class called Body Attack Aerobics ---> scary right? It was put on the schedule to replace my beloved Bodystep class while the instructor is away in Australia. I love (and need) a good cardio workout, so I was game to try something new. Plus coming off a rather low-key week of workouts had me feeling like I really needed to burn some calories.

It was 100% high energy and had all the moves for a full body cardio workout. We were running, jumping, and lunging and then we were squatting and doing pushups. The end was an intense core track. The proof is in the calorie burn. I love any number over 500 ;)

After class, I met mrC in the plaza. He had been to get his haircut and pick up some groceries. It was quite pleasant, so we chilled at the table for a bit.

After a quick shower and lunch, we headed to the Club Siena swimming pool complex for the first time. There are actually 4 pools - two for kiddos, one for lap swimmers, and one for dippers (aka free form). It was overcast today, but warm enough for me to take a dip in the water. It was so refreshing! This will be my favorite place when the summer heat arrives.

While we were at the pool, SF Express called because we had a delivery. I asked the guy to leave it at our apartment door. He texted me this picture and that is exactly how we found the box when we got back.

Want to know what new summer-wear was inside the box? ---> these shorts in green and yellow, this t-shirt in dark grey and these sandals in brown. 

New workout, new hangout, new clothes. It was a good day!

What's something new in your world lately?
Ever tried Les Mills Body Attack?