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Monday, May 8, 2017

Body Attack Aerobics and the Pool

This morning I tried a new Les Mills class called Body Attack Aerobics ---> scary right? It was put on the schedule to replace my beloved Bodystep class while the instructor is away in Australia. I love (and need) a good cardio workout, so I was game to try something new. Plus coming off a rather low-key week of workouts had me feeling like I really needed to burn some calories.

It was 100% high energy and had all the moves for a full body cardio workout. We were running, jumping, and lunging and then we were squatting and doing pushups. The end was an intense core track. The proof is in the calorie burn. I love any number over 500 ;)

After class, I met mrC in the plaza. He had been to get his haircut and pick up some groceries. It was quite pleasant, so we chilled at the table for a bit.

After a quick shower and lunch, we headed to the Club Siena swimming pool complex for the first time. There are actually 4 pools - two for kiddos, one for lap swimmers, and one for dippers (aka free form). It was overcast today, but warm enough for me to take a dip in the water. It was so refreshing! This will be my favorite place when the summer heat arrives.

While we were at the pool, SF Express called because we had a delivery. I asked the guy to leave it at our apartment door. He texted me this picture and that is exactly how we found the box when we got back.

Want to know what new summer-wear was inside the box? ---> these shorts in green and yellow, this t-shirt in dark grey and these sandals in brown. 

New workout, new hangout, new clothes. It was a good day!

What's something new in your world lately?
Ever tried Les Mills Body Attack?

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Workout Recap - Mixing It Up

I remember when the only exercise I did was run. This week I did something different every single day. Not on purpose. It just happened that way, but I think it's a good thing. Keeps my body on its toes, so to speak. Plus my focus has started to shift back to the high intensity calorie burning workouts and scheduling them whenever I can.

Monday - Tried bootcamp. It was so hard that I thought I might vomit 🤢 a couple of times. I was thrilled to see how many calories I burned for the hard work I did ---> running, push-ups, mountain climbers, squats, carrying a tire, pushing a tire, pulling a tire, walking lunges, reverse crunches, planks, elevated up-downs, kettle bell swings, kb squats, kb lunges, jumped rope, power press with sand bag, burpees, power lunges, triceps dips, squat press...WHAT didn't we do?? And, the whole class was done outside. I loved that!  

Tuesday - I woke up feeling a little tight from bootcamp, so I used Revolution Yoga day 11 (I'm REALLY behind on that challenge) to loosen things up. I'm so happy that my heel is better and yoga is even back on the table because I need to regain the flexibility I lost, especially in my hamstrings.

Wednesday - mrC and I went to Bodypump in the morning and then took a quick bike ride to get air in his tires. The ride wasn't far, but there's a big hill and we live on the top of it! This was my first ride in a long time and I had to stop and walk the hill. This got me thinking that I should maybe try to ride my bike at least once a week.

Thursday - REST ---> made protein bars for my hike on Friday.

Friday - Joined the AWA hike to Cheung Chau, another one of Hong Kong's 200 islands. I'm already eager to go back with mrC because there was so much to see and it was beautiful. Also, we had lunch at one of the waterfront restaurants and I had some really, really good sweet and sour pineapple chicken.

Saturday - I decided to do some low impact cardio for my low carb workout. I mixed it up at the fitness center while mrC was at Bodypump.

Sunday - It was #sundayrunday again!! We increased the walking WU to avoid running down hill at the beginning (my knee feels funny on down hills) and added a little out and back on the promenade. I still ran using 30:20 intervals, and finished with a solid one minute run for a total of 2.07 miles.


Do you mix up your workouts or stick to the same exercise usually?
What's your go-to sore muscle reliever?
Favorite low impact cardio?