Sunday, May 28, 2017

Weekly Recap: A Taper Kind of Week

Last week feels like it was a taper type of week. I was gearing up for another carb cycling program, so it felt like I had a little bit of go ahead and eat it now and enjoy it now mentality going on.

The week wasn't a complete wash or anything. I got to work out a lot with mrC, but I felt a bit lazier than usual.

Monday - Back for another 60 minutes of Body Attack Aerobics and killed some major calories.

Tuesday - Just a little foam rolling today.

Wednesday - Took my run indoors after a serious rainstorm.

Thursday - Basically a rest day before heading off to my first Bunco Happy Hour.

Friday - We spent the day in Shenzhen visiting friends and enjoying cheap massages.

Saturday - Great early morning run and some relaxing pool time.

Sunday - Another day at the pool after watching some Dragon Boat races. This time I did some laps.  I did 5 laps in about 10 minutes. I find it hard to pace myself in the pool.

Can you taper when you're not training for anything?

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  1. I think you can taper whenever you want (especially if your body needs it) ;-)

  2. I think you can totally taper even if you aren't training for anything. Our bodies need a break/reset every now and then!

  3. Taper when not training for anything I think would just be called relaxing or taking it easy.....totally fine! It is a nice change when you do not feel like you have to hit a certain amount of miles like you do while in a training cycle.

  4. Our oldest son has competed in dragon boat races. Our city hosts a competition in August. They are fun to watch. And...the festival atmosphere and FOOD doesn't hurt either. I think we all need a easy week from time to time. Thanks for linking, Amy!


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