Friday, December 21, 2012

Fitness Friday: PV.Body - Fitness Fashion Mania

If you know me at all, you know I love new workout clothes, but I don't like to spend a lot of money. About a month ago I read about pv.body. Basically it's a fitness outfit-of-the-month club. For a minimal monthly fee, pv.body will put together a high quality fitness outfit for you (based on the survey you complete on the website), and then send you a very pretty pink package like this! 

Now, pv.body is a new company that has seen an explosion of orders recently. Even though I hate waiting, I was willing to be my most patient self while they worked through what must have been an almost overwhelming yet extremely exciting event. Needless to say, after a long wait I was pretty happy to see what was inside.

My personal pv.body style profile is Epic Athlete and I love what they picked out for me. 

I first unwrapped the super cute Colosseum Fairisle Racerback tank in smoked pearl. My first observations were that it is super soft and nice-n-long just the way I like my tops.

In the second gift wrap, I found the Focus Capri in velvet blue from NUX. At first the bright blue color really jumped out at me, pushing on my comfort zone a little, but my anxiety was quickly assuaged when I saw how nice they looked with the tank top.

I'm thrilled with my new fitness fashion and I'm glad that I decided to wait out the growing pains that pv.body has been going through. After receiving an update call from customer service and being assured that they are working hard to get caught up, I have faith that they will deliver.

Have you ever tried a monthly subscription service?
What did you think?

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  1. Beautiful! I LOVE what you received. I'm on the fence as to if I should do this or not. I've read so many awesome posts about PV but at the same time I have TONS of workout clothing - more than work clothing. Such a hard life I have. ;)

  2. Love the top! I've never tried a subscription service for clothes but I love the idea of an outfit a month :)

  3. Super cute! I never would have chosen that color of pant but they look great on you. Maybe I need to get out of my comfort zone and be bold?

  4. I love that tank! It does look great with the capris.

  5. LOVE IT!! So jealous these guys aren't in Canada yet (sigh). You look adorable!

  6. Wow! I love the combination. I can see why you hesitated though I think they look great together.

    I've never tried this type of service. I'm curious to see how it works out.

  7. Ohh, love the shirt! The outfit is cute put together :) I can't see myself subscribing to this only because I'd have no space in my closet!!

  8. You look great in them! :)

    I'm subscribe to it too! :) Check out my blog for my reviews! :)

  9. Love that top and the color of the capris is great!

  10. I would love those blue pants... very cute outfit. I haven't tried a service like this... too afraid I wouldn't like what they sent. I did do their survey and found myself between 2 styles.

  11. wow that looks super cute on you!!! I haven't done my review yet, bad person, because i didn't really like what they sent me. so sad right?!

  12. That's super cute! I love the blue!


    My Running Shortz

  13. I'd be apprehensive on wearing a color on the bottom other than black or gray as well! But I think pushing us out of our comfort zone is what a lot of us need! I'm still trying to be patient and awaiting the arrival of my order as well. Your outfit looks great on you Amy!

  14. I,d have been apprehensive on wearing a color bottom other than black well!But I think nux usa
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    1. They were definitely good to wear to yoga and I'm still a fan of the color combination.


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