Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Highlights and Goals


December 28 - With three days left in 2011, it is time to start thinking about goals for 2012. I began this year by joining the Nike+ challenge Run 211 in 2011. My previous year of running was pretty UNSPECTACULAR so this was my motivation to do better. Happily, I met my goal in MAY and I have continued to run ever since. 

Before deciding on new goals, I thought about some of my favorite running moments from this year and made a list:

  1. Training with my husband
  2. My first winter weather advisory run
  3. Starting a running blog
  4. Participating in a 5K with my dog
  5. Completing my first Half Marathon
  6. Running across the Newport Pell Bridge
  7. Being asked to be a RhodeScholar for Cox Rhode Races
  8. Returning to Cincinnati to run the Thanksgiving Day Race 10K
  9. Dressing up like Santa and running a 5K
  10. GDTC Fun Run around MHT
When I read my list, I think of how much fun I have had this year pursuing my passion. I think of the hard work I put into reaching my goal. I think about the time spent with my family and friends. The places we traveled. The amazing people we met. The fact that I want to do it all again.

So as January 1st marks the day for resolutions, goal making, and to-do-lists, I too am putting together some things I want to accomplish:
  1. Keep running!!
  2. Run a race every month (at least one)
  3. Continue to improve my blog
  4. Add another New England state to the list of places I have run
  5. Keep meeting new running friends

What are your running goals for 2012?


  1. Nice reflective post and future goals! Running a race each month is pretty epic! what type of races do you plan to do? Happy 2012 and good luck with your runs!

  2. Thank you! FINDING a race to run each month might become monumental itself. Any road races 5K - half will be on my radar. Happy New Year to you!

  3. Good luck in all of your goals. I'm still working on my list. I know, not much time left to complete! Ahh!

  4. Thanks! When you do get your list together, I hope you will share. It's been fun reading everyone's!

  5. Im definitely doing the race a month goal again i did it last year and it definitely helps you to stay motivated to run, especially on those freezing cold days. I am doing first run in Lowell too the 5k since my sis is still getting back into running post baby. Maybe we will bump into each other.

  6. That would be great! This will be my first time for the Lowell race and it looks like the weather is going to be pretty nice unlike the frigid temp for my morning run today.

    Happy New Year!

  7. Goals:
    1. Race the New England EFTA Series
    2. Get another "Will Run for Beer" series jacket
    3. Start racing duathlons
    4. More winter hiking!

  8. Those sounds adventurous! Can't do much hiking in OH, but now that I'm in NH I should try it out! Thanks for sharing your goals.

  9. Awesome goals and Happy New Year! I hope to run another marathon this year and improving my previous time! It probably won't be until the fall though :)

  10. That's awesome! Looking forward to reading all about it!

  11. I love training with my husband too. 2012 will be my first marathon!!!!

  12. Good luck! That's an admirable quest. I may try it, some day :)

  13. That's a great approach to identify your goals! It's always fun to remember the really good runs and then plan how to make good memories in the new year.

  14. hi amy--finally 8:20 and enjoying a glass of chard reading my fave blogs. love the new posts! your 2012 runnings goals are interesting, especially the run a race a month one... impressive! keep an open mind about boston marathon,.. if you can run 12miles, you can do a marathon! go girl!

  15. Sounds like a fabulous list...I like the Santa run...sounds fun! Also love "run a race a month" - great goal!

    xoxo from Trinidad


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