Thursday, December 22, 2011

Virtual Running

December 22 - We are in the age of Virtual Running. A virtual run is completing the race requirements without being present in an actual race location. More and more events are popping up via social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Nike Running, DailyMile and more.

My experience with virtual running began in 2009 when I participated in the Nike Human Race 10K. Nike promoted this global 10K event for its users of the nike running sensor through Ambassadors, Challenge Teams, and Facebook. I was invited to join the event by one of the Nike Human Race Ambassadors and enjoyed weeks of training while interacting via the internet with my teammates and participating in contests. On race day, runners had to complete the 6.2 miles wherever they were, whenever they wanted and then upload their run using Nike+. Even though I wasn't surrounded by hundreds or thousands of other runners, I sported my Human Race running shirt and felt part of something huge.

This year I will be participating in the Home for the Holidays Virtual 10K put together by a couple of Twitter runners Robin, Stephanie, and Ashley. To participate all you have to do is run your 10K between Dec 23-26 then submit your time afterward. You are also encouraged to submit your stories and photos because they are giving out prizes from an array of brands for Best Holiday Outfit and just for participating. These runner girls don't want to let anyone end 2011 without one more experience of the "runner's high."

The 2012 New Year will bring the Inaugural Twitter Road Race 5K on Jan 21 created by Doug another runner on Twitter. Doug has successfully registered Bart Yasso of Runner's World along with hundreds of other Twitter runners. Doug's goal is simply to bring runners together to experience the camaraderie of running through the power of Twitter.

These Virtual Races are great motivation for runners all over to get out there during these busy, hectic holidays and run. So whether you are maintaining your training or burning some holiday calories, virtual runs are an easy, healthy, fun way to do it!

What do you think about virtual running?
What virtual races have you participated in?


  1. I signed up for the virtual 10K! Also, I just wore my Nike+ Human race shirt last night! I frequently forget about that shirt because I don't like the giant bib printed on the front. It makes for sometimes awkward movements.

  2. Thanks so much for linking you are right we are the world of virtual running, we do everything else on line right? So why not! So glad you signed up. Let me know how it goes. Also thanks so much for your comment on my blog. I loved it. So funny, I think when the kids are away you are allowed to have some mommy and daddy tv time :)

  3. Kelly - it's funny how our old running shirts, whether we like them or not, make their way to the top of the pile.

    And, Stephanie, my pleasure. I'm glad I signed up too! Planning to do it Saturday morning and make room for all the holiday goodies ;)

  4. I haven't done a virtual run yet, but It sounds like a great concept!

  5. It is. You might not actually be running with anyone, but after you submit or upload your time, you have tons of other people to talk to about it!

  6. WOW! Awesome. Way to get out there in the cold. I wanted to send you an email notifying you of the comment but did not have your email - will let you know through your blog.

    So glad that you ran. Saw that you are doing Lowell 1st run too?! Me as well, lets meet up!


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