Monday, December 9, 2013

Training Truths: Finding Motivation

Week 1 of the Chilly Challenge was a success! It has been so fun to see all the Instagram photos posted each day by the participants completing the daily exercises. Reading your comments and learning that the challenge is motivating you makes me so happy. In case you missed it, you can find out how to participate here. Winner will receive a pair of Mizuno Wave Rider 17s!

In addition to leading the daily exercise goals for the Chilly Challenge, I continued to run, cross train, and build strength. Admittedly, I get much of my motivation from others. My Reach the Beach MA team captain has been creating weekly challenges to keep us motivated. I find awesome workouts/challenges shared on social media. Group fitness classes bring out the competitor in me. And my amazing husband's encouragement picks me up when I'm doubting myself.

Monday - #squatstreak, wall sits, foam rolling.

Tuesday - My partner-in-crime was working late, but motivated by my RTB weekly goals I did this 2 mile run on my own. It was faster than I want to go while I'm still in healing-mode, but I know it was because my anxiety level was elevated. Running alone and near dusk makes me nervous. #squatstreak and foam rolling in the morning.

Wednesday - #squatstreak, wall sits, foam rolling and an afternoon session of 4 minute ninja abs. This is the same workout from Amanda at that I found a while ago and I'm still loving it because it's tough. It's only four minutes, but it's a killer workout. I love when other runners share their workouts so I can steal them try new things.

Thursday - #squatstreak, wall sits, foam roll. Afternoon PT session with Dr. Brian. It feels like we've been dealing with this adductor issue FOR...EV...ER, but he reminds me each time that these muscles take the longest to heal. I'm not a patient person.

Friday - After finding out that mrC was stuck in Minneapolis on Thursday and then still stuck on Friday afternoon, I really needed this 2 mile run. Even though I was feeling frustrated, I really needed to NOT take it out on my pace because Thursday's PT was intense and I was feeling some effects of the ART. I did much better. Sadly, Booney did not get the memo that my running partner was absent. #squatstreak and foam rolling in the morning.

Saturday - I love #SurfSet Saturdays. Although I wish I lived closer, I like taking classes at TI Fitness downtown. The total body workout is great for my cross training and I like using equipment that I don't have at home and learning new things. The instructors are fun and I love when they add "oh just 6 more" to the end of a 20 rep round. #squatstreak and foam rolling in the morning.

Sunday - mrC was finally able to join me for a run for the first time in more than a week, so I convinced him that an easy loop that included the rail trail would be perfect. We ran the first two miles, not 2.5 like I thought, parallel to the river on the road. On a side road we connected with the trail and ran back toward the car. There is something very comforting about hearing the footfalls of your running partner and just knowing he is there, even if you're not talking. Since my "long run" was scheduled for five miles, I asked mrC to pick me up at the bank and kept running into town. The last mile wasn't as nice as the first four.

Where do you find your motivation?


  1. I used to really struggle to find my cardio mojo until I was hurt and COULDNT DO IT for months and months. now I see it as an I GET TO and not an I HAVE TO.

  2. At the end of the day, you have to find motivation within yourself to make it last. You have to WANT IT, for YOU.


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