Friday, December 20, 2013

Fitness Friday: Holiday Workout Plan

Happy Friday!

Today I get to start my Christmas vacation! After finishing up some shopping, present wrapping, and baking, I'm looking forward to spending time with the kids and my husband's family in Massachusetts.

With all that running around, it's easy to lose my fitness focus. My pre-holiday weeks went much better when I had a plan, so I'm taking the same approach with my Christmas break.

After feeling the benefits from cross training during my runs, I've been trying to attend a cardio/strength class at least once a week. With my mornings open over break, I'm taking advantage and heading back to Booty Barre class. Last month I snagged a great deal on Living Social for three classes making it even easier to want to go.

In addition to cross training at the barre, I'll be attempting to complete my RTB team captain's weekly challenge. She is serious about getting us ready to run 200 miles across Massachusetts in May. I love that the challenges encourage us to cross train and strength train in addition to run.

Our latest weekly challenge.

Speaking of running, I'll be lacing up my Mizuno Wave Rider 17s for some more miles. My weekly mileage has been increasing slowly and it is working. My last long run was 6 miles on the treadmill because of our first big snow storm, but I'm hoping to get in another 6 miler outside this weekend.

Another goal I set for myself is to do better pre-run warm-ups, so I put together this drill hoping that my dependence on routine would ensure that I do it before every run.

I also put together a mini Tabata workout of some of my favorite strength moves that I think will be good to do once or twice a week post-run. Even though I'm accustomed to following a schedule, sometimes I'm motivated to do a little more.

How do you stay focused during the holidays or vacation?

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  1. Great workouts! I wish I was closer to Booty Barre - I'd join you! I guess I just have to settle for your virtual Barre buddy. Happy Vacation!

  2. Great workouts Amy!!! I'm good about being focused on vacation...holidays not so much!

  3. Great workouts!!! I am planning taking some Barre classes after this little baby is born! Being banned from hard core/strenuous workouts sucks...

  4. Looks like you've got quite a lot planned! I find having a timetable really helps me get things done and make sure I fit some fitness in every day. Visit This Link


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