Friday, February 14, 2014

Move NOURISH Believe Challenge

Week 2 of the Lorna Jane Blogger Challenge focused on nourishing our bodies. Making healthy food choices is one of my 2014 goals and this week reinforced that I am on the right track because it was EASY to complete (most of) the daily challenges.

Monday - It was Veggie Day and for lunch I had some Cheesy Quinoa Veggie Burger. Normally I would have made this recipe with hamburg, but I recently decided to reduce my red meat consumption to help lower my LDL number.

Tuesday - I take my lunch to work everyday for several reasons: I like my own food, I only have 30 minutes and the school cafe is on the other side of the building, and I'm a picky eater (never mind being GF!).

Wednesday - I used to keep a food journal of every calorie I ate and burned in a little notebook. Once I hit my goal weight I stopped writing everything down. WIAW's challenge was easier because I didn't have to look up the calorie information.

Thursday - For #ThirstyThursday it was Smoothie Day. Another easy challenge because I make a smoothie everyday during the week. I love the single serve option on my Ninja!

Friday - I don't eat a lot of raw foods and know very little about the diet. Most of what I do eat raw is fruit and that is mostly in the summer. I've made some post-workout snacks, but I don't know if they hold up to the raw food diet concept or not. So for Go Raw Friday I ate what was available.

At the end of NOURISH week with Lorna Jane, I realize that I should try to eat more fruit in it's raw state all year long. In a blender and in the summer is good, but not good enough.

What did you learn about your diet this week?