Monday, February 24, 2014

Training Truths: Paper Plates, Crooked Knee Caps and KT Tape!!

Yesterday I ran half marathon #11. More on that in my recap post later. Getting to the starting line was questionable when my knee turned cranky just two weeks out following a 10 mile training run. Last week was another week of trying to balance getting ready for the race while taking care of myself.

Monday - First day of slider step backs to work on strengthening and controlling my quad muscles. These exercises were recommended by a PT for runners suffering from chondromalacia and are better than squats because there is little to no pressure on the knee cap. I don't have gliders, but found that a paper plate works just fine.

Tuesday - Another snow day spent waiting for the snow. Normally I would have jumped at the chance for a morning run, but since I was saving my knee for the fun run on Friday and the half on Sunday, I took myself for a nice long walk followed up with some more slider step backs. 

Wednesday - During my monthly maintenance visit to the chiropractor, I mentioned my crunchy knee problems. Intrigued by my story, he checked it out and announced that my knee cap was literally crooked! So while I have been working on keeping my knee cap IN alignment, it was actually OUT of alignment and STUCK there! Ugh.

Thursday - After my unexpected "knee cap adjustment" I was feeling SO MUCH BETTER. Playing it safe, I kept to my strengthening routine and fought the urge to go for an afternoon run in the balmy 40+ degree weather.

Friday - After a delayed start due to freezing rain and a wild Winter Carnival assembly at school, mrC picked up my youngest stepdaughter and I and we headed to Newport for the Newport Night Run. The athletic trainer at school taped up my knee with KT Tape so I could give it a try during this fun 5K. It felt stable and there was no pain during or after the race.

Saturday - After getting home from a gorgeous sunny day spent walking around Newport, I did my slider step backs and iced my knee for the big half marathon on Sunday.

Sunday - Met up with my step daughter to run the Half at the Hamptons. It was far more challenging than the first time I ran it, but we went in with a plan and made it to the finish with no knee cap issues! (I ended up wearing mrC's knee brace because the KT Tape pretty much unravelled before Sunday morning)

Now, it's time to take a break to let the crooked knee recover. Fortunately it's February vacation and I'm heading to Florida to visit my dad and stepmom, so my recovery week will be spent in the swimming pool! See you when I get back to NH!

Do you take time off after a big race? 

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