Monday, October 15, 2018

Running and Fat Loss

Dear runners, 

Have you been logging the miles but not seeing results in your body composition? This happened to me. I called it chubby fit syndrome. My legs could get me across the finish line of a half marathon, but I wished I was stronger and that my midsection was a lot firmer. 

This happens to A LOT of runners. 

What many runners don’t realize, and I was one of them, is that we are 1) under-eating in calories and 2) spending too much time in sustained state cardio -> which helps your heart and your endurance, but not fat loss and muscle building.

The FASTer Way to Fat Loss® put together a workout plan that includes interval training (like sprints and cardio HIIT), strength training and rest days. All things you are probably doing or have done before, but the FASTer Way combines the workouts with intermittent fasting and carb cycling for FASTER results.

You CAN do the FASTer Way if you are training for a half/full marathon. You won’t have to give anything up, in fact you can still enjoy that celebratory beer at the finish line if that’s what you like. The FASTer Way will simply show you how to improve the things that you are already doing and make them work FOR you instead of AGAINST you. 

And it’s not just about losing fat, the program has other benefits for runners like faster finish times, better quality of running and fewer injuries.

If I know anything about runners, it’s that you want to continue doing it when you are 70, 80, heck even 90! This program can show you how to fuel properly and maximize your workouts so that your body can sustain a lifetime of running. 

If you have any questions, email me at

You can find more information about the program or join my next round here.


  1. I'm so looking forward to getting started with you!

    1. Me too!! You're going to love the workouts and how easy it is to add running if you want.


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