Friday, April 24, 2020

Our HEALTH is NOT Quarantined

Happy Fitness Friday!

Today I want to talk about health and wellness. Shocker! But seriously, I found out this week that the stay at home order in Hawaii has been extended until the end of May. It was supposed to expire at the end of April and I was really looking forward to things returning back to normal.

You may be getting similar news where you are. Are you?

While this is a difficult time, it doesn't mean that we should stop focusing on our health and wellness. Our HEALTH is not quarantined.

Things happen to us, they always have and always will. Things that are out of our control. Things that make our lives more complicated and challenging.

We can choose how to respond. We can decide what actions we are going to take when things happen to us.

Right now, we can still focus on out nutrition, exercise, self-care and positive mindset. Just because our daily routine has changed, does not mean that our health and wellness is less important. It is actually, even more important to focus on how we are going to stay healthy.

You can choose to eat whole foods that are going to help you naturally detox your body and system.
You can choose to move and exercise for 30 minutes each day.
You can choose to stay committed to a routine so that you get enough sleep and take time to relax.
You can choose to look at the situation with positive thoughts.

Our thoughts become words and our words become actions. We control how we respond. Our health is not quarantined.

If working on your healthy living is something you are interested in, but you feel lost as to where or how to begin, I can help you with that. I help women and men escape the frustration of not knowing what to do to get healthy, fight disease and feel engerized by coaching them through the FASTer Way program (learn more about my next round here).

My clients are THRIVING right now because they know what to do. They are focused on their nutrition, exercise, self-care and mindset. You can to!

How are you focusing on your health and wellness? Share in the comments.

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