Saturday, June 13, 2020

My 10 Day Elimination Detox

I recently completed a 10-Day Elimination Detox.

The detox was recommended by my functional medicine practitioner to help me reset my gut since that is where a lot of our health issues actually begin. My issues started over the last year with some weight gain (I could tell by the way my clothes were fitting, bloating after eating and changes in my libido. I just felt OFF. I had a hormone test done and the results showed some cortisol spikes, low vitamin D and elevated thyroid antibodies. My PCP and GYN were not concerned, but I wanted to get to the root of what was causing these things going on in my body and I didn't know how to do it on my own.

I turned to a FMP for help and after chatting with my her and hitting it off, I enlisted her guidance. She set me up to do some additional tests that will provide her with a bigger picture of what is going on. At the same time I started the detox.

The main protocol of the detox comes from Dr. Mark Hyman's 10-day detox. The premise is to eliminate all known inflammatory foods and get back to the basics. It basically makes you focus on 1) food, 2) habits and 3) support. Overall, I eat very well. I live the FASTer Way lifestyle, so I have been gluten and dairy free for a few years (90% of the time), avoid overly processed foods and artificial sugars, but I admit that I still reach for convenience items one in a while and splurge at times, too.

What the Detox looked like for me:
- eliminate gluten, dairy, caffeine, all sugar (including natural) and alcohol
- eliminate my known list of sensitivity foods (I was tested for this)
- eliminate all grains, beans, legumes and starchy veggies
- follow the daily menu (which was basically low carb)
- keep a daily journal of my sleep, food and drink, feelings, measurements, poops and gratitude
- practice self-care like deep breathing, detox baths, less social media time 

I've "done" detoxes in the past, but I was never truly ALL IN like I was with this one and I could tell the difference right away. It wasn't easy figuring out what to eat even with the menu full of recipes because I also had my own food sensitivities to contend with. Many of the recipes were chicken based and that was on my avoid list. So I tried what I could and then focused on what protein and veggies I could eat. 

So, while there were a lot of food restrictions on this detox, I still ate plenty. Everyday I broke my fast with a detox smoothie and had a snack, lunch and dinner. I tried every single smoothie recipe and landed on one that I liked and stuck with that. I have always been a creature of habit. There was plenty of food every day to fuel my workouts. Once I got past the yucky feeling the first two days, I followed my regular workout schedule.

My thoughts:
The thing I missed most on the detox turned out to be my carbs. I thought it would be coffee but I barely noticed. At the end of the 10 days I had lost most of the belly bloat, a few pounds (water weight most likely) and an inch or so from my measurements. I did not really take a break from social media, since it is the main source of how I do my job as a FASTer Way Coach and I did not take the detox baths because I don't have a tub. I did take time for gratitude each day and become more mindful of how I eat my food. 

One thing I really like about this detox is that it is doable and can be re-visited when needed in the future. For now, I am reintroducing foods from my sensitivities list one at a time to see how they make me feel.

Let me know if you have any questions!

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