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How much protein should I consume in order to burn fat and build muscle in my 50s?

In your 50s, getting adequate protein is one of the best ways to promote your health and facilitate fat loss. After all, among its superpowers, protein helps build lean muscle, assists in key metabolic processes, creates strong bones, and more!

When your protein goals are not met, your health and fitness suffers and the body cannot function optimally. 

How much protein your body requires each day is dependent on a variety of factors, such as age, and activity level, but by and large, it’s likely you’re consuming insufficient protein! When you work with me, I calculate your individual protein needs in my program.

Here are some ways to get 30 grams of protein:

  1.   Chicken breast: About 5-6 ounces cooked.
  2.   Salmon: Around 5-6 ounces cooked.
  3.   Tofu: Approximately 7-8 ounces.
  4.   Greek yogurt: About 1.5 cups.
  5.   Lentils: Around 1 cup cooked.
  6.   Cottage cheese: Approximately 1.5 cups.
  7.   Quinoa: Around 1 cup cooked.
  8.   Turkey breast: About 5-6 ounces cooked.
  9.   Lean beef: Approximately 5-6 ounces cooked.
  10.   Edamame: About 2 cups cooked.

Check out my All About Protein Quick Guide to learn more about the importance of protein. I also share quick tips and recipes that you can start using today to increase your protein intake. Get it by clicking here.

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