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Sunday, April 30, 2017

5 Lessons from SUP and Pier Volunteering

Today was all about sunshine, the beach and stand up paddle boarding! First I got to meet two more ladies from the Discovery Bay Ladies SUP Group. This was the first time the sun was actually shining during SUP and it was absolutely perfect.

I'm still working on my SUP skills and with the help of my fellow group members, I learned a few things out on the water today.

1. Keep your paddle in the water - this is like having an extra leg down for balance and was a game changer for my confidence.

2. Face the wake head on - the wake is affected by the ferries coming and going, the wind, and the normal sea vessel traffic out in the bay. Turning into the waves makes a huge difference.

3. Bend your knees for stability - The slight bend relaxes my legs making it easier to go with the flow of the water under my board.

4. Straighten arms and paddle with your core - I can paddle so much faster when I use the proper form and my arms stopped getting tired.

5. Reapply sunscreen to your feet - so no one actually told me this (I should've known myself), but I learned the hard way today after my feet and toes got sunburned.

After the SUP group time ended, mrC and I continued paddling together (I'm so glad he has an iSUP board now too). We went out and back a few times with rests on the beach in between. Our friends joined us a little later and we enjoyed the sunshine and good conversation until lunch time.

Today was just as good as yesterday. It was pier volunteer time for another US naval ship that came into Hong Kong for some liberty. This ship was much smaller and able to be pierside which allowed us to see things up close.

Just like the last time, our job was to support the sailors by handing out maps, providing information on leisure activities, shopping, dining and helping to get them on their way in the right direction.

mrC was in town this time and volunteered too.

After our shift, we had lunch at Little Creatures in Kennedy Town. We patronize them because they give us loads of free beer coupons to give to the troops. And, the food is really good. Their pizza sauce reminds me of home.

We also took advantage of being in Central to do a bit of shopping. mrC picked out some tennis rackets and I picked out some new Skechers - mrC's first pair (Equalizer - Coast to Coast), my second (Go Walk Sport Rush Walking).

Do you have any SUP skills I should know about?
Ever been on a naval ship?
Are you a Skechers fan?

Monday, April 3, 2017

Fitness, Shopping, and Hanging out at Fenwick Pier

Today was a busy day and I loved it.

My morning started with a little at home yoga session. I really love how flow yoga makes me feel. PS - what do you think of that teeny tiny ottoman our landlady picked out when furnishing the apartment? I think it's perfect for my laptop ;)

On my way to my morning fitness class I did day 1 of 30 burpees. I thought about doing them in our apartment, but it was just so pretty outside that I thought it would be fun to get a photo doing them on the promenade.

So, the photo was a fail, but I did all 30 burpees. I did them in three sets of 10 with a little break between each set. BTW ---> Facebook group here for anyone who wants to join in and might need/want support or want to give it. You can join and start your 30 days at any time.

Bodystep was another awesome sweat session. This class started off a little slower than the usual, but once Pam cranked it up, it was as intense as always.

After quickly getting showered and eating some lunch, I headed over to Central for a meeting at Fenwick Pier. I've been working on a committee for the American Women's Association called Hong Kong Hosts. HKH supports US military ships entering Hong Kong with volunteers to host activities for the servicemen and servicewomen.

Fenwick Pier is a place for the sailors to meet up and hang out, shop, dine, rest, receive free wifi, free sim cards, use free lockers, and use laundry services. It's kind of in the middle of construction chaos right now, but it's still great inside.

I had made time before my meeting to do a little more shopping at J.Crew (without dragging mrC along and making him wait) and picked up another super soft long sleeve (this time in baby blue). I also grabbed this super cute lady bug tee and these updated chinos that are seriously comfy. (Affiliate links - if you click, I make pennies. Seriously pennies. Click away!)

It's Opening Day in baseball land in the good, ole US of A. Good luck to my Cincinnati Reds. Hopefully the game is not rained out. Here's my last Opening Day in 2015, just days before leaving the country for China.

Working out today or watching baseball (or both?)