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Monday, August 29, 2016

Shred Day 15: Half Way Day, a Bridge, and an Aquarium

Today is the halfway point of the 30 Day Shred Program, so today I did some reflecting.

NSV (non-scale victories):
Bought a size smaller shorts, ran 3 interval sprint workouts ----> 5.44 miles, kept up with the program while traveling to 3 different cities and visiting with family and friends, learned how to use strength training machines

To stay on track with the group through the end, avoid processed foods as much as possible, work harder to hit my custom macros each day, keep running

Today was kind of a wing-it-day until I'm back in line with the Shred group. I did a modified regular calorie day because I've been struggling to hit my daily calorie goals. Although I didn't do a workout, I did do a lot of walking and maybe some random yoga.

Here's what happened...

After breakfast my mom and I went downtown to walk across the Purple People Bridge.

This is my new top

I guess you could say that I have a thing for bridges, since I also crossed this one and this one. The best one might have been this one. But the PPB is the only I did yoga on!

Did you see my other pose on Instagram? ---> here

On the other side of the bridge, we met up with my aunt, cousin, and other cousin's daughter for a day at the Newport Aquarium.

Ever since my snorkeling adventures (here and here) I am really fish. I loved walking around today and seeing all the underwater life. I even touched some things!

Yep! Totally touched both of these!

The best part was walking across the Shark Bridge (are you surprised?)

Afterwards we had lunch and then my mom and I walked back across the PPB for some more downtown time.

My eats today:

Breakfast: scrambled eggs with ham, bacon, pb&j rice cake, coffee

Lunch: chicken quesadilla, water, chips and salsa

Treat: 4 Berry Smoothie

Dinner: veggie burgers, salad, diet dew

Tell me one of your NSV!
Do you like walking/running/biking across bridges?