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Friday, December 13, 2013

Year of Running: 2013

Happy Friday!

Today I'm joining Miss Zippy and friends in taking a look back at my year of running. It wasn't the year I was hoping for back when we got started and a lot of things changed, but I still had a great time and learned so much. I'm grateful for the experiences I had and the people that I shared them with.

Best race experience: It might be an odd choice, but finishing the BAA Half Marathon with my slowest half marathon time was actually the best race experience. I was on the sidelines with an injury and only ran the race to get the Distance Medley Medal. Going into the race knowing that it would be hard and slow allowed me to let go of the pressure of a great finish, but still have a GREAT FINISH.

Best run: Anytime I run somewhere new is a great run. While home in Cincinnati for a visit over the summer, I discovered an awesome bike trail that caters to runners, walkers, skaters, and obviously bikers. Stopping at a running store or grabbing a bite to eat right on the trail is just...the best idea ever.

Best new piece of gear: It's really hard to pick just one thing, but right now I am so grateful for my Athleta Polartec Tights. They will make cold winter runs (25 degrees or less) so much easier because my legs will be nice and toasty. 

Best piece of running advice you received: If you want to be a better runner, cross train. As I work my way back from injury, I am learning the truth behind this advice. I have spent the better part of 4 months completely committed and my runs have been better and faster than I could hope.

Most inspirational runner: Hands down, this is RUNEMZ. Not only can she RUN, but she RUNS 100 miles in 24 hours or less 3x on a treadmill for the benefit of underprivileged children and battered women. A-MAZ-ING! She recently did a guest post on tips for beating treadmill boredom. I think she knows what she's talking about!

If you could sum up your whole year in a couple of words, what would they be? 

How was your year of running?