Wednesday, March 16, 2011

211 in 2011

So, I started the year with a running goal: run 211 miles in 2011. Since January 1, I have run 129.2 miles - almost all on the treadmill in our basement. You see, I live in New Hampshire, transplanted from southwest Ohio three years ago. I have not yet adjusted to the winters here in New England, nor the hills. This winter there was snow piled up and over the mailbox! Even without the snow, I have a hard time running on the roads because there really isn't an edge - you are pretty much stuck running on the yellows. Now if the roads were straight and flat like my old routes in OH this wouldn't be a big deal. NH roads are hilly, curvy, and intimidating. So I have spent the better part of 2 and a half months running on what "real" runners call the "dread-mill". I have been using a program on that schedules my runs and distances for me. My longest run has been six miles. It hasn't been so bad. I use some old yaffa blocks (left over from my college days) to set up my Mac and some speakers right in front of the machine and watch my favorite indulgences off while I run. Some of my favorites have been watching "Brad the Bachelor" make another attempt at love and "Biggest Loser" contestants work their butts off. Although I have enjoyed my runs in the confines of the frigid cold basement, it is time to head outdoors. This year I want to become a New England runner. Welcome to my running escapades!