Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sizing Up

February 8 - I decided to take a quick look back at my 2012 goals and assess how I did in January.

1. Keep running:

92 miles in January

2. Run a race every month:

10K on January 1st

Twitter Road Race 5K

3. Continue to improve my blog:

First review & giveaway

4. Add another New England state to the places I have run:

Massachusetts - 1st Run 10K

5. Keep meeting new running friends:

I'm an Ambassador!

Dailymile = tons of running buddies!

NEW. I didn't include a workout goal for 2012, because I'm not a fan AND I hate failure. However, I created my own 30 Day Workout Challenge:

How are you doing with your 2012 goals?


  1. wow those accomplishments are enough for a whole year! congrats on meeting your goals this month!

  2. This is great - looking back monthly instead of waiting until the end of the year is smart. You are so inspiring!!

    1. Thanks Portia! I think all of you are inspiring.

  3. Great job! I tend to make goals impulsively and then don't follow through. Or decide that a specific goal isn't really goal worthy, like say doing 100 pushups a day. Didn't think that one through. Oops.

    1. Oh, haha. I've done that too. Trying to do better this year. We'll see!

  4. Wow! You are really kicking butt on your goals!!! Congrats. I should get moving....

    I am doing ok on goals... but still a long way to go. My birthday is on Saturday so that brings a whole fresh set of goals... one year older, hopefully wiser! ;)

    1. Happy Birthday Josie! I'm not usually very good with goals either so I thought a monthly check in would help keep me on track. Let me know how you do it.

  5. Ok, very unrelated, but how did you get your pinterest/rss/twitter icons like that?! That's exactly how I've wanted mine to look but I can't figure it out and I assumed it was because I was on blogger...but so are you. Please help! :)


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