Friday, June 21, 2013

Review: Mizuno Wave Creation 14s

For about two months now I have been running in a new pair of Mizunos...the Wave Creation 14s. I picked these up at the Boston Marathon Expo back in April, but the review was put on hold after the horrific events on Marathon Monday.

To be perfectly honest, when I bought these I did not NEED a new pair of running shoes. Not really. I had just bought a new pair of Wave Rider 16s in January. I wear the Wave Riders on my shorter runs and usually wear Wave Inspires on my longer runs. I have a pair of Inspire 8s and at the expo, I was actually hoping to get a pair of the new 9s. Unfortunately, they did not have the color choice I wanted. Enter Mary from Mizuno.

I first met Mary from Mizuno in Manchester at a fun run at Runner's Alley when she brought along a bag full of Wave Rider 16s for everyone to test. This of course let to my purchase. This time Mary showed me the Wave Creation 14s as a optional choice for long runs.

I slipped them on and they felt amazing. Like the WR16s, they are soft and very lightweight. Unlike the Inspires, the Creation is a neutral shoe, but Mary assured me that there was good stability in these shoes and that they would work on my long runs.

I have worn my Wave Creation 14s on a variety of runs: short, long, road, trail. They are my new favorite. Even though I bought them to go into the rotation as a long run shoe, I find myself reaching for them for any type of run.

R- Wave Rider 16
L - Wave Creation 14

What sets this pair of Mizunos apart from the Wave Riders and Wave Inspires that I own is the two-tiered Wave plate that makes up the heal. It makes the bottom of the shoe look bigger and it's divided into two parts. And even though they look bigger and are technically heavier, they feel just as light as the WR16.

Every time I get a new pair of Mizunos, I think they are the best. Mizuno just makes great shoes!


  1. I need to add another pair of shoes to my rotation and I really want to try some Mizunos! Would you say they are true to size? I just need to get out and try some. I'm wearing a size 12 In my Brooks now! The Mizuno brand makes me feel nostalgic. Back in my high school softball days we all had matching Mizuno cleats. I loved those days and it would be fun to be an "athlete" in mizunos again!

  2. I think they run true to size Anne, but I have heard others say they had to size up. I've had no problem in the Wave Riders, Wave Inspires, or the Wave Creations with wearing my normal running shoe size. You should definitely try them! Let me know how it goes ;)

  3. Maybe you'll like the new Wave Sayonaras coming in July??

  4. I am struggling and very disappointed with the Wave Runner 14 shoe. I bought these shoes a month ago and run 5 miles a day in them. The shoe is stiff and lacks an arch support. I will be returning to Asics Kayano.


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