Monday, June 3, 2013

TrainingTruths: What's Beautiful: Reach

Stretching has become a priority after spending most of last week nursing a strained lower abdominal muscle. I'm pretty sure that my lack of attention to pre and post run stretching is what led to this injury and I can count my blessings that it stayed minor. So last week I went on a mission to turn stretching into a habit.

I'm still working on the What's Beautiful campaign with Under Armour and FitFluential and came across the REACH challenge. This challenge reminded me that it feels just as good to stretch as it does to run. The challenge was to upload a video of your favorite stretch and cool down routine. Since I was in rest mode I'd been using a favorite app, Yoga For Runners, and stretching everyday using the pre-run sequence.

On Friday I was feeling better, so I decided to lace up my running shoes and jump on the treadmill (I didn't want to be away from home if my muscle acted up). I started with my Yoga for Runners pre-run stretching sequence and then ran 3 easy miles. Even though I felt like I could pick up the pace, I forced myself to leave the speed set to 5 and just ease back into it.

On Saturday morning I attended another TI SurfSet Fitness class in Manchester, but this time I took mr C with me. I'd been looking forward to this since my first session a couple of weeks ago. It was another sweat-fest and my first time tossing a tire, booyah! Later in the evening I completed another stretch session knowing that it would help preclude muscle soreness.

I was back in the running shoes on Sunday and up early to meet some friends for a nice trail run before the heat set in for the day. This was a new running location and we fell in love with the trail, the views, and the wildlife. About a 1.5 miles into the run I thought we were being ambushed by some wild animal when I was startled by Gary & Michelle's shouts... it was just a snake slithering across the path!

What is your training priority?


  1. I am starting school in Manchester in August and that SurfSet class is on my list of things to try. So glad your feeling better and running again!

  2. FLEXIBILITY and zen.
    my two goals

  3. Stretching has become one of mine too. Definitely after, and occasionally before:)

  4. I'm open to any tips you might have ;)

  5. #runnerproblems I guess, lol

  6. Glad you are getting into yoga. It's the perfect compliment to running in my opinion. I love that you got hubby to try surfset! I need to get back there soon!

  7. I definitely need to stretch more. Great job with your workouts! :0)

  8. Sounds like such a fun week! I am by no means good at making stretching a priority. But since adopting a dynamic stretching pre-run program my muscles have been a lot happier/healthier:)


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