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Monday, June 17, 2013

TrainingTruths: What's Beautiful: You Can Count on Me

Last week the attention I've been giving my legs started to pay off. The yoga, the stretching, and the strength exercises have eased the pain and strains I've been dealing with for a while.

Tuesday - I started the day with a leg strength workout that I found posted by Laura. After school I ran 4 awesome miles with mr.C and as Katie would say, the #magicmilefairy blessed my legs. They felt so light! Afterwards I did my trusty yoga for runners post-run stretching sequence.

Wednesday - It was a rest day, but I did the leg strength workout after school before heading out to the theater to see Spirit of the Marathon II. What an awesome movie!

Thursday - I decided to repeat what I did on Tuesday since I felt so good, so I did the leg strength workout in the morning again. After school I ran 4 fun, rainy miles with mr. C followed with the post-run yoga stretching sequence. It worked. The legs felt amazing.

Friday - Trying to keep consistent even on rest days, I did the leg strength workout after school.

Saturday - I had put 6 miles on my step daughter's training plan and we signed up for the local annual 5K, so we got creative. We ran 3 miles to the 5K, and then ran the 5K. Even though I ran the first 3 miles faster than the race, I'm still happy because my legs were happy.

Last week I learned that if you take the time to take care of yourself, you will feel the reward. My legs have been very happy since I started consistently stretching and strength training.

I'm also excited that I'm able to start building my weekly mileage back up and continue working toward my goal of 1000 miles for the year - which also will help my FitFluential and Under Armour What's Beautiful team goal. Although we have logged over 1300 miles, we are still pushing toward our team goal of 5000. If you like to rack up the miles, head over to Under Armour and sign up with Team Escapades.

What body part is your biggest ally?

Monday, June 3, 2013

TrainingTruths: What's Beautiful: Reach

Stretching has become a priority after spending most of last week nursing a strained lower abdominal muscle. I'm pretty sure that my lack of attention to pre and post run stretching is what led to this injury and I can count my blessings that it stayed minor. So last week I went on a mission to turn stretching into a habit.

I'm still working on the What's Beautiful campaign with Under Armour and FitFluential and came across the REACH challenge. This challenge reminded me that it feels just as good to stretch as it does to run. The challenge was to upload a video of your favorite stretch and cool down routine. Since I was in rest mode I'd been using a favorite app, Yoga For Runners, and stretching everyday using the pre-run sequence.

On Friday I was feeling better, so I decided to lace up my running shoes and jump on the treadmill (I didn't want to be away from home if my muscle acted up). I started with my Yoga for Runners pre-run stretching sequence and then ran 3 easy miles. Even though I felt like I could pick up the pace, I forced myself to leave the speed set to 5 and just ease back into it.

On Saturday morning I attended another TI SurfSet Fitness class in Manchester, but this time I took mr C with me. I'd been looking forward to this since my first session a couple of weeks ago. It was another sweat-fest and my first time tossing a tire, booyah! Later in the evening I completed another stretch session knowing that it would help preclude muscle soreness.

I was back in the running shoes on Sunday and up early to meet some friends for a nice trail run before the heat set in for the day. This was a new running location and we fell in love with the trail, the views, and the wildlife. About a 1.5 miles into the run I thought we were being ambushed by some wild animal when I was startled by Gary & Michelle's shouts... it was just a snake slithering across the path!

What is your training priority?

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

TrainingTruths: What's Beautiful: Keep Fighting

As the last week of May arrives, I am beginning to realize that I may not hit my mileage goal for the month. As a competitive person this bugs me a little. Ok, more than a little, but I try to keep it all in perspective.

Despite a month filled with tapering, traveling, and recovering I have still logged some good miles. I knew that my goal of 1000 miles for the year was going to be a challenge. That's the point, right?

This is what last week looked like:

Tuesday: This after school run was a family affair. My husband and I ran 5 miles and my step daughter joined us for the first one before turning back. Back at the house, the dog tried to pretend like he was part of the workout too.

Friday: There was finally a break in the rain, so after school I went for a run when mr. c got home. Although I had been complaining about the yucky weather for most of the week, I admit that when it comes to running, I don't mind the cooler temps.

On Saturday I hung out at the Run to Remember expo in Boston working at the ZOOMA Women's Race Series booth, handing out free stuff while getting ladies signed up for the Cape Cod event. If you weren't there, you can still get a 10% off discount by using my ambassador code. Look for it on my sidebar. After my shift, we headed to Newport and logged some miles walking through the "summer cottages" along Bellevue Avenue.

I had plans to do along run with mr c. in Newport on Sunday morning, but we postponed it after waking to freezing, rainy, and windy weather. Even though we were really looking forward to logging miles running along the Narraganset Bay, we knew that we would be suffering. The forecast for Monday was much better.

The good news is that the weather on Monday was beautiful, but the bad news is that I've got an injury. I went to bed feeling fine, but woke up feeling a strain in my groin area. I have NO IDEA what I did. Too many mansion tours in Newport, I guess?

Anyway, I am hoping to feel better after a couple of days rest. In the mean time, have you entered my 1BandID giveaway? Details here.

Have you ever had an unexpected injury? 

Monday, May 20, 2013

TrainingTruths: What's Beautiful: Try a Tri

First let me announce the winners of the Firmoo sunglasses giveaway:
Congratulations to Jenelle, Lydia R, Meredith, Cristi Rae, Shelley Oz, and Heather Hunter!
Please email me at so that I can give you your gift card code.

I mentioned last week that I am participating in the What's Beautiful campaign with Under Armour and FitFluential to help redefine the female athlete. My goal to run 20 miles a week fell a little short, but I did add a challenge to help make me a stronger runner.

The first part of my week was pretty normal. Tuesday I went for a 4 mile run after school with my Crazy Running Partner. It was a little cooler and my legs felt fresh and bouncy again.

My CRP was doing RTB MA and had to leave on Thursday afternoon, so I went home to run. I choose a route that took me off the main road, but was much hillier. It was a rough 5 miles in the bright afternoon sun. I tried to focus on how I was feeling and adjust my pace, but I ended up having to take a few walk breaks. It's going to be a tough transition to summer weather.

After a late start on Saturday, my sleep deprived husband and I drove to one of out favorite routes to do our long run. Ironically, we couldn't get to it because there was a race going on! Instead we headed downtown and ran on the Manchester portion of the rail trail. It was a tough one for him, but I LOVE paved paths. I rewarded mr. c with a stop for delicious fruit smoothies.

Saturday I also did the Try a Tri challenge. I'm not a triathlete, so I put together three workout moves of my own and ran through them ladder style starting at 20. Here's a snippet of what it looked like.

As always, how was your week? Try any new challenges?