Monday, May 19, 2014

Training Truths: Running with a Hottie

Last week I was completely spoiled by the fact that I got to do all of my runs and a race with mrC. People often tell me that they wish their husband/wife would run with them and how lucky I am. It is definitely fun to run with mrC and I'm grateful he is a runner.

Tuesday - We hit the trail by my school for a quick 3 mile run before littleC's tennis match. The day before was really warm, so it was nice to have mild temps for this one. We weren't ready for warm runs yet.

Thursday - We tried to escape the heat on this 4 mile trail run, but instead it was a sweatfest. We did ok for the first two miles, but after the turnaround, we both struggled. Big difference from Tuesday's run!

Saturday - Disco Fever 10K with mrC. The morning started off rainy, but by the race start the clouds were moving out and making room for plenty of sunshine. I walked with mrC when he needed to until the last mile, when I just wanted to finish. Our pace was pretty good, slowing when we reached the steep hill at the turn around, but I feel really good about my final mile! 9:19, 9:36, 9:44, 10:21, 9:52, 849.

Do you run with a hottie or wish you did?

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