Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Training Truths: Multi-city Workouts

Before leaving for a multi-stop 9 day trip last Wednesday, I tried to get in as many workouts as I could. My knee wasn't too happy about that and I left NH without doing my last run. Our first stop in steamy Texas for middleCs BMT graduation was way too hot to run, not that my knee was ready anyway. After a couple of rest days and swimming, I went for a short run during our visit in Ohio.

Monday - 5 mile run with mrC to kickoff the Summer Run Challenge and then SurfSet class. (548 + 355 = 903 calories burned)

Tuesday - SurfnTurf at 6 AM!!! (because I had to watch the US World Cup game at 4 and the other class is at 430) and 2 mile run downtown. Two workouts before 7:30 AM!! (369 + 232 = 601)

Tuesday - After a week of no running, I enjoyed a cool, but humid, 2 mile run at my mom's favorite park. She walked the dog while we ran. I'm happy to say that my knee did ok during and after this run. (236 calories burned)

Hopefully the extra rest days are just what my knee needed and I can get back to training for ZOOMA Cape Cod in September.

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