Monday, July 14, 2014

Training Truths: Vacation Benefits for an Injured Runner

Before going on vacation at the beginning of the month, my torn meniscus was feeling yucky again, so I booked a doctor's appointment for today to see what my best options are at this point.

Being in steamy hot Texas and busy with family and friends in Ohio forced me to take more rest days than I probably would have, but it did a world of good. My normal reaction to an extended amount of non-running is PANIC! I hate missing workouts, even when I'm hurting. Anyway, while my knee is being a little cranky, I have been able to workout. My Summer Run Challenge goal was 6 miles, and I ran 7 miles!

Tuesday: 2 mile run in Cincinnati. After my last run left my knee feeling painful and swollen, it was a relief to go pain-free on this little run. (236 calories)

Friday: 5 mile group run. It was my first time meeting up with some ladies from Greater Manchester MRTT. We met at Brown-Mitchell Park in Manchester and then ran up and down, up and down, up and down…hills. The miles and the hills flew by thanks to the conversation and the weather was perfect. (610 calories)

Saturday: I was so happy to be back at SurfSet and Ashley led us through a super fast paced workout. The only part of the workout that bothered my knee a little was the mountain climbers.  (446 calories)

Total calories burned during workouts this week: 1292

How do you react to unexpected rest days?

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