Monday, March 9, 2015

Training Truths: Back in the Game - Skirt Chaser 7K!

Spoiler Alert: I ran a race over the weekend! Keep reading...

It was a slow week for me. I skipped workouts. I made excuses: dentist appointment, cold & windy, I was tired. The only thing I did consistently all week was my MAD Abs March daily challenge.

Tuesday: 3.21 miles
I did get out and run with a friend from work. It was cold and not the greatest run. I led us down the wrong street. My calves were super tight. We had to run the last 5 minutes around the school parking lot. Ugh. But there you go, still smiling at the end.

Saturday: 4.26 miles
Saturday was all about the race. The Skirt Chaser 7K was my first race since coming back from my knee surgery in December. It was my first 7K and my first race in a tutu.

FYI, I have zero tutu experience or knowledge, so while trying to release the static in my skirt, I also really straightened out the tulle. Oops! Lesson learned: it's supposed to be curly and puffy.

The race started right in front of TI Fitness studio where I spend most of my Saturdays at SurfSet. After parking in the bank garage, we said hi to the TI Fitness gang in the studio, but passed on the glitter tattoos because we were meeting mrC's family for lunch after the race. I was both excited and nervous, but as soon as I met up with the MRTT group I felt like my old self.

The theme of the race was that the girls take off first and the guys follow 3 minutes later. A "catch us if you can" kind of thing. mrC did not run, but as usual he did take great pictures and this video of the ladies start.

The 4.2 mile course was a loop around familiar Elm Street and Chestnut. I love finishing a race feeling strong, especially one with an almost mile long hill right in the middle. 

TI Event Services organized a great race. I loved the 7K distance and the pre/post race activities. And, I loved my outfit: Athleta Tracker Hoodie and Miles Compression Tights (both are on sale!) and Mizuno Wave Rider 18s.

Did you race this weekend?
Have you ever had a comeback race? How did it go?

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