Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Back to Bodypump

For today's strength workout I challenged all the muscle groups.

I've learned the hard way that jumping back into Bodypump classes where I left off before a break can mean some serious soreness ---> like I can't straighten my arms. When choosing my weights today, I went for the light side, like I was taking the class for the first time.

My already sore muscles have been slowly recovering from my first at-home workout in weeks on Saturday. Continuing to move, although painful at times, really does help. Today's class took my upper body through some moves that they haven't seen for awhile, so I expect to feel some effects. Hopefully by playing it smart I will avoid another severe case of DOMS.

After class, I decided to keep moving all the way to the fitness center to hang out at the pool. mrC left before me this morning on a trip, so I had some alone time to kill. The weather is still hot in Hong Kong, but it's been quite breezy lately so walking is a lot more enjoyable.

It was a holiday last week, so I avoided the pool because it can be too crowded and noisy for my adult taste. Today it was low key and peaceful. Just the way I like it. Each time I got in the water, I stretched out my muscles. I stayed for a little over an hour, just long enough to cool off from my workout and replenish my vitamin D.

Before he went to work, mrC cut up a nice watermelon for me. We've been married for nine years today (Happy Anniversary, babe!) and this man understands my love of watermelon. We were supposed to go out to a fancy dinner tonight with views of Victoria Harbour, but duty calls. He owes me one ;)

After lunch the contractors arrived and got to work on the water damage from one of the many typhoons. I stayed out of the way - especially since they'd be hanging out our 20th floor window to do the water seal. Yikes!

Before they arrived my Amazon order was delivered with my very own littleC approved convertor and an air mattress. Now I can use my US hairdryer (which is much better than my China one). We will have two of the three kids visiting us this year for Christmas, but we only have one extra bed. PS - it only took Amazon 10 days to ship this order to me here!

It was a regular calorie day which means I was eating to hit my macros: 50% carbs, 30% fats, 20% proteins. I didn't break my fast until after the pool. Turkey roll-ups and watermelon for lunch, protein bar snack, and I was in the mood for eggs and ham for dinner. Anyone else like having breakfast for dinner?

One of my non-guilty pleasures is diet Mt. Dew. I have only found it in Hong Kong twice and one of those times was right after we returned from our recent US/Budapest trip. Today my beverage enjoyment came to an end.

Do you celebrate anniversaries?
What is your (non)guilty pleasure?

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  1. I love breakfast for dinner! My treats are chocolatey usually :) I love it when I am sore from a workout that I have not done in a while

    1. It is a good feeling - except when we overdo it, haha!

  2. Wow you have an amazing pool to enjoy and what better way to recover after a workout! Wow you live 20 floors up?
    I never even thought about having to have converters. Interesting.
    I too have been trying to cut back on my carbs. I wish I new the ins and outs of the program your own without paying the "investment"
    Happy Anniversary to you!

    1. Thank you! It's quite fun living in a high rise ;) until a typhoon comes into town anyway, haha!

  3. I have actually had scrambled eggs twice for dinner this week! Oh yes, breakfast for dinner is the bomb! Congrats on the anniversary! We usually go out for dinner, but it's not a big deal anymore (we've been married 27 years YIKES!). I know a thing or two about the DOMS ;-)

    1. Before we left the US, we used to take the Monday holiday (Columbus Day) or the weekend and do something different to celebrate: drive the Kancamagus Highway in NH, go to the top of Mt. Washington (also NH), run a half marathon (a couple of times) ;) He had a different schedule back then!

  4. What a gorgeous pool! I still have never tried Bodypump but I kinda want to - sounds fun!

  5. Happy anniversary! I've never done a Bodypump class, I've always heard good things! My guilty pleasure is definitely Twizzlers - they're awful but I love them anyway!


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