Sunday, March 4, 2018

Oh My Quads + Kind of a Weird Week

This week I spent more time with The Stick rolling my quads than anything else. Rolling with the stick gives me more control to hit the trigger spots than using my foam roller. And, Oh. My. Quads! It hurt so good.

Let me try to explain what happened.

On Monday, I went on an amazingly big hike and felt pretty good. I was tired, but not too tired to catch up on my core challenges when I got home.

I even felt good on Tuesday, so I went for a 3 mile run in the morning. I had a small issue with my hip at the very start (like it wanted to pop or something), but then I was fine.

When I woke up Wednesday, my quads were sore and my knees hurt. KNEES ---> both of them were feeling achey. My right knee (my good one, ha!) actually felt the worst. I spent the day with a group of friends exploring the Dafen Art Village and my quads started feeling worse and worse.

I guess that big hike shredded my quads more than I realized and then I ran the next day. It was such a big delay of soreness that it really surprised me.

I sort of lost my motivation to workout after that. On Thursday I did a little upper body strength training at home. I had a busy day running errands on Friday which was my excuse to give my legs a break later when I thought about working out. I honestly don't know what happened Saturday. I just couldn't get into a fitness mood.

I had a brief moment on Sunday when I thought I would go for a run after church, but then the fog descended on Hong Kong.

So, it was kind of a weird week for me and my fitness.

I’m linking up with Holly and Wendy for the Weekly Wrap!

I'm hoping to shake it off today and get in a good workout. Any words of encouragement to help me?


  1. Isn't it crazy how you can have DOMS and can't figure out why? When my quads are sore, I foam roll and stretch them. Hopefully it's gone by now!

    Have a great week!

    1. Thanks! Definitely feeling back to normal today!

  2. I have the stick and I rarely use it. I really want to get one of those Roller8 but they are super pricey and I bet I still wouldn't use it.

  3. You are right that sometimes the stick can get into spots better than the roller. I need to dig mine out!

    1. Sometimes I use a tennis ball too. Depends on what I need I guess!

  4. Wow! That fog is crazy! Without sunshine, I admit my mood is not the brightest. I hope your quads and knees are feeling better. That must have been a difficult hike. I don't have a stick, just an old (dog chewed) foam roller which I'll occasionally use for quads or hammies. Thanks for linking!

  5. It's nothing worse than an injury. I remember that I did training so hard for a 10k run which I set a training plan like running every day without a day rest. After that, I need around more than 1 week to recover. Hope you could get better soon.

  6. Those DOMS are so sneaky! They always show up much later than you expect them (you know...when you think you're all ready for the next big workout LOL). I should get a rolling stick...I use my foam roller, but there are times I'd like a more trigger-specific tool.


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