Monday, March 19, 2018

Strength and Swimming | Weekly Wrap

After a really big hike on Monday, the rest of the week I focused on low impact workouts. Both of my knees have been feeling a bit achey after some serious descents on my last two hikes, so I listened.

I've been wanting to to become a regular swimmer, so the timing was good motivation to get to the pool. The indoor pool at the fitness center has 25 meter lap lanes and I went with a goal of swimming for 20 minutes. I read somewhere that a beginner swimmer should swim for at least 20 minutes 10 times over a three week period before trying a workout. So, that's my goal.

My other workouts focused on strength training. I haven't been wanting to go to classes, like Bodypump, lately because I'm in the mood to be on my own schedule. So, I dug out an old arm workout that is quick and dirty ---> which means easy to do (at home or at the fitness center). I tried to find a similar one for a leg workout, but instead ended up making my own.

Swimming humbled me and strength training made my legs really, really sore.

My Weekly Wrap:

Monday - 15.2km hike ---> putting some great mileage on my hiking shoes (affiliate)

Tuesday - swim 400 meters

Wednesday - swim 400 meters & arm workout

Thursday - leg workout

Friday - rest

Saturday - arm and leg workout

Sunday - yoga stretch - I really needed that!

Tell me something about your week!

I’m linking up with Holly and Wendy for the Weekly Wrap!


  1. I love how you are mixing it up!! I wasn’t feeling my yoga classes anymore, so I’ve been doing that at home and enjoying the change of pace.

  2. Good for you getting int he pool! I am SO not a swimmer, but I do want to take some lessons eventually because I'd like to do sprint tri someday. Someday LOL I did about 15 minutes of yoga last's been awhile since I've done much yoga, so that was a big win ;-)

  3. Good for you for trying the swimming! I have tried it on and off but its so hard for me. I don't have a good pool set up (and now that I quit my gym, no pool) so I doubt I will try it again any time soon!

  4. That's a wonderful swimming goal. It is hard for me, even though I have participated in sprint triathlons. (I attempt to make up for my sad swimming in the other legs.) Also, I feel your pain. After some serious recent mountain hiking, my quads are so sore from the downhill direction. Thanks for linking!


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