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Monday, May 22, 2017

Ding Ding, It's Party Tram Time in Hong Kong

Walk along DesVoeux Road in Hong Kong anytime during the day and you will see the famous double decker trams that have been running along the northern coastline for more than 100 years. More than just a means of transportation, these trams are a tourist attraction because they make exploring Central from the west side to the east side so easy.

The iconic open air double-deck Party Tram is a hot venue for enjoying a night on the town with some friends. That is exactly what mrC and I did with a group from the American Women's Association on Saturday night.

We arrived in Central a little early, so we joined the masses hanging out on the waterfront and enjoyed a pre-party cocktail from our own BYOB supply. The Party Tram provides a cooler, but charter guests must bring everything else: ice, cups, beverages, snacks, napkins, music.

We took a taxi to the Whitty Street Tram Depot to meet the group or so we thought. Our driver dropped us at Whitty Street (which is where we actually asked him to), but we had to walk a couple blocks to the actual depot, ironically not on Whitty Street (tip ---> use this address Shek Tong Tsui on Connaught Road West). 

Crisis averted, we piled onto the tram, went right to the top for the best seats and were on our way. The tram rolled leisurely down the tracks giving us a 360 degree view of Hong Kong's nightlife.  

Our two hour hire route included passing through the sentimental Western District, the modern business area, busy shopping hubs and looping around Happy Valley Race Course. We were even given a ten minute restroom stop!

It was a perfectly wonderful evening. From the enjoyable conversation and drinks with friends to the people on the streets waving to us, it was an experience we will not soon forget.

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