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Friday, May 4, 2018

I like Being Sore, Arm Workouts and More...

It took awhile to get moving yesterday, but I finally found my way to the fitness room for another strength workout. I was moving a little slowly because my muscles were sore from the leg workout I did the day before. I like that sore feeling.

I really like the Dirty Dozen Arm Workout, so that's what I did. I walked on the treadmill for 10 minutes first as a warm-up and then went through the 12 exercises two times. I was pretty excited to discover that I no longer need the 5 pound weights (although I did use them on the reverse flys only because my back/shoulder is still bugging me).

As a finish to my arm workout, I did a 90 second plank for PPB challenge day 3. I didn't think I could hold it for 90 seconds without losing form, so I broke it into three 30 seconds planks. After I did them, I figured out that I could have probably done two 45 seconds planks. I think I was distracted by the man on the elliptical who was breathing really heavy and I don't think he realized it. Anyway, I did my core work.

Speaking of core, did you see this??? I'm totally envious of her core strength!

I love tacos from Hot Head Burritos. For the past two days instead of having breakfast at the end of my fasting window, I've been having tacos...for brunch.

On our way to see the family, we stopped in My Main Squeeze to get a smoothie because it was 90 degrees again. I was thrilled to find that they make acai bowls (I love them), so I changed my mind. For toppings I chose peanut butter, granola and raspberries.

For dinner we met up with mrC's childhood friend and his wife at a restaurant in Palmer, MA that was new to us. Steaming Tender Restaurant is the formerly Palmer Union Station that has been restored and turned into a beautiful and fun place to eat. While we were eating we saw an Amtrak train pass right by through the floor to ceiling windows in the dining area. And, I highly recommend the Rattlesnake (spicy chicken pasta). Soooo good!

not my picture

Ever have to workout near a heavy breather?
Would you try Lindsey Vonn's ab workout?

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