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Monday, February 9, 2015

Knee Rehab Week 8: No More Intervals!

HELLO! from another very snowy day in New Hampshire.

While I love snow days, I'm actually having a love-hate relationship with the weather.

Three weeks in a row of winter storms. That makes it easy to do at home workouts, but harder to get in an easy, safe run outside. Despite the bad weather, I had a great week of running without intervals!

Tuesday - 2 miles
The plan: run 20 minutes

I was doubtful about running outside since the roads and sidewalks were still a mess, but then my PT called to see if I could come in earlier. Problem solved and I ran at home on the treadmill.

Thursday - 2 miles
The plan: run 25 minutes

The day started with an additional 5+ inches of snow falling mostly during the morning commute. My afternoon was wide open since I went to PT during my free period, but somehow I forgot that I wanted to run 25 minutes instead of 20.

Sunday - 4.4 miles
The plan: run a 5K

Too snowy for the MRTT Frozen Booty 5K run, so I hopped on the treadmill instead. I felt so good that I decided to run my new age! This was my longest post-op run.

Weekly Workouts:

Monday: PT exercises + #tightercore + FAB day 2 + hip hugger set + walk on treadmill

Tuesday: #tightercore + FAB AB day 3 + PT + run

Wednesday: #tightercore + FAB AB day 4

Thursday: PT + run + #tightercore + FAB AB day 5

Friday: #tightercore + FAB AB day 6 + PT exercises

Saturday: #tightercore + FAB AB day 7 + PT exercises + walk on treadmill

Sunday: #tightercore + FAB AB day 8 + treadmill run

My goal when I joined the #NoExcuses #TakeTheLeap challenge was to use yoga to help with my stretching routine. I'm trying to find poses that will help loosen my tight TFL. I'd love to hear your suggestions!

Here's a look at some of my poses from the week.

I post all of my daily yoga pictures on Instagram and get great feedback from experienced yogis (Thank you!), so I know moving forward that I need to make adjustments to my form.

Tell me something great about your week!
What are you working on?