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Friday, January 29, 2016

Fitness Friday: Keeping it Real

Not every run, pose, workout is perfect.

It's one of the things that keeps me going. The challenge. To be stronger. To do better. To get fitter. 

Not so perfect examples:

I did not do Yoga Camp day 6 yesterday, which actually ended working to my benefit. There was no Pilates class this week (darn Chinese New Year!), so instead of trying to squeeze it in late last night, I did both day 6 and 7 this morning. Another bonus: day 6 was a core focused session.

The different time zones make US based challenges, well challenging at times. So, after getting nice and warmed up, I got caught up on some of the #flexandflow challenge poses that I miss because they're posted during my evenings. 

Follow the photos through my lizard poses and you will see where my imperfect body is today.

The left quad. Tight as hell. And that whole knee not bending thing. Not so perfect. 

This afternoon I went to the Booya Fitness website for some cardio. I've been loving Zumba classes on Wednesday nights, so I tried the Bollywood Workout. The only problem is my China internet connection. Not so reliable. At least I was able to complete this workout with only a few spinning ball pauses.  

The point? Just keeping it real. I like to focus on the positives, the success, but I don't want to give a false impression that I don't have struggles and challenges. And I fail. 

Sometimes I get back up right away and sometimes it takes awhile to reboot. No matter what, though, I don't give up.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Yoga, Yoga, Yoga!

Since I haven't been running lately, yoga has become my new obsession. I never thought I would say that, but a perfect storm of all things yoga just kind of happened...

It started with Pilates class. I started taking Pilates to try to fill the space missing from my SurfSet and Bootcamp days at TI Fitness. I fell in love with Pilates. I love that for 60 minutes I work my butt off while confined to my yoga mat and only using my bodyweight. My instructor is amazing and I can feel myself getting better and stronger. I just wish the class was offered more than once a week.

Then the SweatPink #flexandflow Challenge started on Instagram. It's a pose of the day challenge and I find these completely addictive and motivational. I love seeing everyone's photos and the different variations.

And recently I found Yoga Camp with Adriene. I signed up because it's a home-based program, FREE, and her videos are (so far) short enough to cooperate with my unreliable China internet. I'm so excited to complete the 30 day camp and improve my yoga. You should check it out here.

I used to only do yoga for stretching after a run. Sometimes.

Now, the more I do it, the more I like it.