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Saturday, December 12, 2015

6 Holiday Gifts for Runners

Every year my list of gift ideas for runners pretty much stays the same: store gift cards, massages, books, magazines, etc, but I like to highlight my favorite products. These are the ones you see see me using, wearing, and going ga-ga over on Instagram. Click here if you've been missing out!

All of these items are easy to order and ship online, but can probably be found in most running and sports stores in your neighborhood, too. (I've linked to my favorite brands, but I'm not being compensated for doing so.)

My faves:

Head bandsBAMR Bands - Love! So many pretty and affordable bands to choose from, plus 10% of sales goes to charity. Win, win.

Running shoesMizuno - I'm currently wearing Wave Rider 19s, although I've worn other styles and loved them just as much.

Running socksFeetures - I don't know how I ever ran without these socks. They are so light, but at the same time the softness feels like a cushion.

Recovery shoesOofos - I wear these babies all the time. My feet and legs just bounce with happiness.

Training LogJournal Menu - I just started using a journal to keep track of my workout details: distance, pace, weather, route. This one also has room to jot down injury notes (which in my case is very helpful) and race plans. Oh and you can design it yourself!

Water bottleSimple Hydration - Best hands-free option out there. Holds just the right amount of water and makes hydrating during your run...simple. Just hook it on your waistband or Flipbelt.

Other favorites of mine not pictured:

Oiselle Distance Shorts $46 - These shorts are the best because of the front pocket that makes it easy for me to carry the gate fob to our apartment villa plus more in the back pocket if needed.

Athleta Relay Capris $69 - These just make me feel like a rock star...

Flipbelt $29 - Perfect for carrying my iPhone 6 and other essentials as needed.

Nike Racerbacks $25 - They fit just right and they're longer than other brands which is important since I have a longer torso. I have a lot of these because they're often on sale at sports stores.

What gifts do you recommend for runners?

Do we have any faves in common?