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Friday, April 27, 2018

Detours when Exercising on the Road and Friday Faves

My first full day in Delaware started with a morning swim.

The Marriott hotel that we are staying in while mrC attends his recurrent training has an indoor pool that looks like it's the same size as any other hotel indoor pool, which according to my quick online research averages around 17 feet. Using that number in my workout (40 laps), I probably swam 400 meters in 30 minutes. It felt good to be in the pool, but I'm really missing the 25 meter length of the lap lanes at our fitness center.

I realized yesterday that there are a lot of variables that can affect a workout when traveling. Just going to swim I had to 1) adjust to the length of the pool, 2) deal with the fact that there was no changing room or toilets at the pool ---> hello changing under a towel!, and 3) time my workout so that I didn't miss the breakfast service window.

Traveling presents other obstacles I've talked about on Instagram and in previous blog posts, but what it boils down to is that you have to figure out a way to make it work. Whether you go outside or inside or stay in your hotel room, there are plenty of ways to workout when you are on the road. It might not be exactly what you planned, but you can't wait for everything to be perfect. You might be waiting forever!

It was such a pretty day that I decided to take a walk after my free breakfast of scrambled eggs and chicken sausage. There's a Wellness Walking Trail that I found when we were here last year not far from the hotel. From the hotel, the entire loop was 3.21 miles and took me about an hour.

Most of the trail loops around the hospital campus maze of parking lots and buildings, but one section passes by this small lake. It was still a bit chilly for me at 60 degrees but a great follow up to my morning cardio workout.


I have some Friday favorites for today:

1) These athleisure shoes are so comfortable and make me feel like I'm not wearing sneakers because they are so stylish.

2) This book: Feast: True Love in and out of the Kitchen because so many of us struggle with food issues ---> what to eat, how much to eat, what to avoid eating, when to eat, our feelings about what we're eating/not eating...

3) Being reunited with Jane's Krazy Mixed up Salt because it just makes everything taste better, especially my eggs.

4) I'm so happy that we upgraded our GoPro because it takes amazing water photos (see above) and I don't have to mess with a waterproof case.

5) Spring. It was so nice to see signs of Spring. I know many of my US friends have been waiting a long time to see this and I forgot how much I like daffodils.

Have any Friday favorites?

Has Spring arrived where you live?

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Thursday, April 13, 2017

5 Things to Love About Spring Running

We've been living in China and now Hong Kong for about two years. Winter here is like a very mild winter back home in New Hampshire: cold, but not cold enough for snow. The temperature hovers in my favorite place of 45-50 degrees on average. Sometimes it's colder, but rarely.

Now it's Spring in Hong Kong and the temperature is slowly reaching into the high 70s. The humidity is also on the rise. The days of running in dry air are receding from the calendar. I might still be struggling with running in the tropical climate, but there is A LOT to love about running here (and anywhere) in the Spring.

THE COLOR - Spring arrives and suddenly colors start popping out all over the place. Flowers, shrubs and trees are blooming, what was brown is transforming into green and the world just seems to be shining brighter. In my neighborhood, the birds are chirping more loudly, the grass is being cut, and hanging flower baskets are dotting the walkways around our apartment building.

MORE RUNNERS/PEOPLE OUT - When the temperatures start to warm up many people start to come out of hiding. Lately I have noticed many more runners out. Whether they are runners or not, it is nice to see more people out enjoying the day. It's even better when they offer a smile or word of encouragement as I trudge up the hills.

TANK TOPS AND SHORTS - Even though I prefer to run in cooler temps, I still like wearing tank tops and shorts better. Ditching the capris and long sleeves for lighter gear makes my run feel easier before I've even started. I love feeling the sun on my arms and legs. I'm especially loving these new shorts from Lululemon and I've got my eye on this tank from the North Face.

IT'S NOT TOO HOT, YET - It's warm enough to wear the lighter clothing, but not so much that I need to jump in the water and cool off after (although some humid runs can definitely make that thought cross my mind). There's a strong chance that I'll get a nice breeze to keep me cool on my run, but not so much that I need another layer.

THE VIEWS - Everything just looks better in the Spring. I mean, it's the same water, the same, beach, the same mountains...but now colors are popping and the mornings are coming earlier.  For me, everything just seems more scenic when Spring arrives.

What do you like about running in the Spring?

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Saturday, December 12, 2015

6 Holiday Gifts for Runners

Every year my list of gift ideas for runners pretty much stays the same: store gift cards, massages, books, magazines, etc, but I like to highlight my favorite products. These are the ones you see see me using, wearing, and going ga-ga over on Instagram. Click here if you've been missing out!

All of these items are easy to order and ship online, but can probably be found in most running and sports stores in your neighborhood, too. (I've linked to my favorite brands, but I'm not being compensated for doing so.)

My faves:

Head bandsBAMR Bands - Love! So many pretty and affordable bands to choose from, plus 10% of sales goes to charity. Win, win.

Running shoesMizuno - I'm currently wearing Wave Rider 19s, although I've worn other styles and loved them just as much.

Running socksFeetures - I don't know how I ever ran without these socks. They are so light, but at the same time the softness feels like a cushion.

Recovery shoesOofos - I wear these babies all the time. My feet and legs just bounce with happiness.

Training LogJournal Menu - I just started using a journal to keep track of my workout details: distance, pace, weather, route. This one also has room to jot down injury notes (which in my case is very helpful) and race plans. Oh and you can design it yourself!

Water bottleSimple Hydration - Best hands-free option out there. Holds just the right amount of water and makes hydrating during your run...simple. Just hook it on your waistband or Flipbelt.

Other favorites of mine not pictured:

Oiselle Distance Shorts $46 - These shorts are the best because of the front pocket that makes it easy for me to carry the gate fob to our apartment villa plus more in the back pocket if needed.

Athleta Relay Capris $69 - These just make me feel like a rock star...

Flipbelt $29 - Perfect for carrying my iPhone 6 and other essentials as needed.

Nike Racerbacks $25 - They fit just right and they're longer than other brands which is important since I have a longer torso. I have a lot of these because they're often on sale at sports stores.

What gifts do you recommend for runners?

Do we have any faves in common?

Friday, February 14, 2014

Fitness Friday: The Love Club

To celebrate the day of LOVE, here's a glimpse of what I've added to my list of loves lately.

Saucony Bullet Vegans - I've always wanted a pair of "cool" casual shoes. You know, the casual shoes that look good no matter what you are wearing. I spotted these Saucony Bullet Vegan's in the Athleta catalog and knew they were exactly what I was looking for. They're great with leggings, jeans, and fitness wear. I can wear them as an everyday shoe and during my indoor workouts. Score!

Nike Tech Fleece Hoodie V2 - mrC gave this to me for my birthday and even though I haven't taken it for a run yet, I love how comfy it is. It's definitely a great lightweight coverup to wear to and from SurfSet class.

Apera Yoga Tote - Apera sent me this gorgeous bag in Pearl and it is amazing! It has multiple storage for all my running gear and worked perfectly for SurfSet class. With all the room that it offers, it is not too big either.

Take a look at why I'll be taking my Apera bag as my carry-on the next time I travel!

This book: Running Like a Girl: Notes on Learning to Run - Author Alexandra Heminsley writes candidly about the process of becoming a runner. For those of us who have been running for awhile, it takes us down memory lane and brings back a renewed appreciation for the sport we love. For new runners, Heminsley tells the truth about the struggle, pain, and glory in going from "I can't run" to "I ran myself happy."

RunSaveRun - This is a new website where runners can find hundreds of coupons and discounts on all running related items. You can search for coupons by store, category, or race. Some favorites you'll probably recognize include Road Runner Sports,, and ZOOMA.

What's warming your heart today?

Friday, August 23, 2013

Fitness Friday: Treadmill Desk

I first got the idea for a treadmill desk after seeing Al Roker from the Today Show use his. I don't know what kind he has, but there are some really fancy ones that you can buy for A LOT of money. The cheapest one I found was $479! So, I mentioned to mr. C that I would love to have a treadmill desk and BAM! He made it happen.

He said it was a pretty simple process, so I'm going to let him tell you about it!

Hi.  First let me start by stating that this is my first attempt at blogging, as it was in making a treadmill desk.

I researched homemade treadmill desks on the internet, of course, and there were many listings.  I eventually selected a video that was well done.  I wish I could give proper credit to the girl who made that video, but I do not have that info anymore.

Basically, here it is:  Select a proper, desired sized board, get 2 brackets.  Put them together, and Voila!

For the board, I went with a 1inch x 12 inch board approximately 5 feet long, plain pine, straight and smooth as I could find, and of course with the best looking grain.

Now the brackets.  Most brackets would work, and there are many designs to choose from in the home improvement type stores.  As it turns out, the style I found and selected are heavy duty, and rated for far more than I needed for this project.  But they would work.

Some assembly required! (Very little)  Now place the board across the handle / rails of the treadmill and get the table / board to the position you want.  With the brackets loosely in place flush to the underside of the board, and straddling the treadmill handle / rails, simply mark where the brackets are to be attached.  Now, simply remove from the treadmill, and attach the brackets to the underside of the board in the previously determined locations.  Just make sure the screws you use are shorter than the board is thick.  Feel free to sand and paint or stain your desktop.  Not necessary. You should then be the proud owner and designer of a wonderful, practical treadmill desk.

I didn't realize just how much use I would be getting out of the homemade treadmill desk that mr. C made me, but it has been very nice to have while I'm on the sidelines dealing with my hip flexor issues. I can spend hours walking and working and feel little guilt about my blogging activities ;)

Happy Friday everyone!

What homemade fitness gear have you (or your other) made to save money?

Friday, August 16, 2013

Fitness Friday: Fall Wish List

It's back to school time everywhere I look. Now even though I have more than two weeks of summer left, it doesn't hurt to start thinking about what I'm going to need for the Fall...running gear that is!

I've been on an unexpected break from running this week (more on that in Monday's post), so to make myself feel better I've been browsing all the running gear sites, flipping through catalogs, and checking out the latest IT items in the magazines.

Here are a few items on my Back to School Running Wish List:

Mizuno Wave Creation 14 - just a new color that I like in a shoe that I really love. I don't really need new shoes, not really ;)

Athleta Metta Hoodie Sweater. This would be perfect to wear to my step daughter's soccer games after my after-school runs. It gets cool quickly and this is a cute spin on a typical sweatshirt hoodie.

Nike Dri-Fit Graphic No-Show tab training socks. For some reason these are very hard to find, but they are the most comfortable running socks. I've worn them for years and get a lot of miles out of them. Time to replace the old ones.

Go Pro Hero3 Silver Edition. This would be the coolest TOY to have. I saw pictures that a guy captured while wearing it during the NYC half marathon, and they are amazing! I would love to get pictures like that!

What's on your "back-to-school" fitness wish list?
If Designer Whey protein is your wish list, there is still time to enter my giveaway. Winners will be announced in Monday's post!