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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Sharing a Love for Winter Running

Today I'm happy to share a post written by my running friend and colleague Melissa. Melissa has been a runner since her school days and is very competitive. Now she is sharing her passion with her daughter. 

It's a winter wonderland out here in New Hampshire this morning. We have big white fluffy snowflakes and no wind. Perfect winter running!

My daughter recently started running with me to prepare for a mile test in her gym class last week. I hoped she would continue to run once the school challenge ended. 

Catching flakes on our tongues seemed like a perfect draw to get an 11-year-old hitting the pavement with me. We had a blast! 


I can't wait to get back in my running shoes and go for a winter run too!

Do your children run?
How do you entice them?

Friday, August 23, 2013

Fitness Friday: Treadmill Desk

I first got the idea for a treadmill desk after seeing Al Roker from the Today Show use his. I don't know what kind he has, but there are some really fancy ones that you can buy for A LOT of money. The cheapest one I found was $479! So, I mentioned to mr. C that I would love to have a treadmill desk and BAM! He made it happen.

He said it was a pretty simple process, so I'm going to let him tell you about it!

Hi.  First let me start by stating that this is my first attempt at blogging, as it was in making a treadmill desk.

I researched homemade treadmill desks on the internet, of course, and there were many listings.  I eventually selected a video that was well done.  I wish I could give proper credit to the girl who made that video, but I do not have that info anymore.

Basically, here it is:  Select a proper, desired sized board, get 2 brackets.  Put them together, and Voila!

For the board, I went with a 1inch x 12 inch board approximately 5 feet long, plain pine, straight and smooth as I could find, and of course with the best looking grain.

Now the brackets.  Most brackets would work, and there are many designs to choose from in the home improvement type stores.  As it turns out, the style I found and selected are heavy duty, and rated for far more than I needed for this project.  But they would work.

Some assembly required! (Very little)  Now place the board across the handle / rails of the treadmill and get the table / board to the position you want.  With the brackets loosely in place flush to the underside of the board, and straddling the treadmill handle / rails, simply mark where the brackets are to be attached.  Now, simply remove from the treadmill, and attach the brackets to the underside of the board in the previously determined locations.  Just make sure the screws you use are shorter than the board is thick.  Feel free to sand and paint or stain your desktop.  Not necessary. You should then be the proud owner and designer of a wonderful, practical treadmill desk.

I didn't realize just how much use I would be getting out of the homemade treadmill desk that mr. C made me, but it has been very nice to have while I'm on the sidelines dealing with my hip flexor issues. I can spend hours walking and working and feel little guilt about my blogging activities ;)

Happy Friday everyone!

What homemade fitness gear have you (or your other) made to save money?

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Guest Post: Comfort Zones

To get better at anything, we have to challenge ourselves. 

Today on Running Kellometersfind out how I'm pushing myself to become a better runner.  

What new challenges are you taking on?

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Building a 30 Day Challenge

Do you like 30 day challenges?

My tips for how to build your own 30 day challenge are over on the FitFluential Blog.

Go check it out and tell me what you think!

Enthusiasts: Are you passionate about fitness and would like to be in-the-know about great fitness opportunities?

Bloggers: Do you blog about fitness and want to spread your inspiration to even more people?

Monday, July 16, 2012

Run By Women

Are you thinking about running in a women-only event?

My top ten reasons you should are on ZOOMA Blog today.


Check it out and tell me what you think!

And don't forget I have a discount code for you to use when you register:

Enter CCAMB8 for $10 off the half marathon and $5 of the 10K