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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Weekly Wrap | Playing with Snow & Ice

Over the weekend mrC and I went on a fun trip to Harbin, China put together by the American Women’s Association. Harbin is the capital of the northernest and coldest province in China (we were very near to the Russia border). Each year Harbin hosts one of the largest Ice and Snow Festivals in the world. It was simply amazing and definitely worth braving the frigid temperatures (it was between -24 and -31C each day!). 

We did a lot of exploring and sight-seeing, but we also got to play some too. 

I loved the ice slide ---> we actually borrowed the tube from a Chinese lady and her son not knowing that we could rent our own a few steps away! Ha! They were super nice about it though. 

Ice chair skating? skiing? I wasn't sure what to call it, but it was hard to do. You'll definitely get a good upper body and core workout on this one. I also rode an ice bike.

Snow tube slide. Super fun and a little scary at the same time. I ended up going backwards and my hat slid down over my eyes, so I couldn't see and I was going soooo fast down that hill.

Banana boating in the snow behind a snow mobile was by far the craziest. We were whipped and bounced around and hanging on for dear life (in a fun way). I fell into the center of the boat and could not fight the G-force to sit back up. All I could do was hang on and laugh.

I will be writing a full recap of our weekend, but I couldn't wait to share the fun snow and ice activities we got to do. Here's what the rest of my week looked like:

Monday - Bodypump  and HIIT

I doubled up on the HIIT workouts. First I went to Bodypump (and did much better at picking upper body weights). After a quick run through the grocery and arranging for delivery, I walked to the fitness center for some hill repeats on the treadmill.

Tuesday - Yoga

Listen to my body day ---> 1) didn't sleep well 2) muscles sore from Bodypump so instead of going for a run as planned, I pulled out my yoga mat. After getting a thorough stretch session, I was feeling energized, so I took myself to the salon for a manicure.

Wednesday - Bodypump

Bump up weight day at Bodypump. It was a challenge and I couldn't complete every rep, but I hung in there pretty good. I was exhausted at the end of class but also felt very badazz!

Thursday - Run

I was really looking forward to this run since I didn't run on Tuesday. There was much to love and not love about this run, but the main thing is that I DID run.

Friday to Sunday - Travel

I’m linking up with Holly and Wendy for the Weekly Wrap!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Sharing a Love for Winter Running

Today I'm happy to share a post written by my running friend and colleague Melissa. Melissa has been a runner since her school days and is very competitive. Now she is sharing her passion with her daughter. 

It's a winter wonderland out here in New Hampshire this morning. We have big white fluffy snowflakes and no wind. Perfect winter running!

My daughter recently started running with me to prepare for a mile test in her gym class last week. I hoped she would continue to run once the school challenge ended. 

Catching flakes on our tongues seemed like a perfect draw to get an 11-year-old hitting the pavement with me. We had a blast! 


I can't wait to get back in my running shoes and go for a winter run too!

Do your children run?
How do you entice them?

Monday, March 25, 2013

What's In Your Fitness Closet? Winter Edition

When I first started running, I didn't think much about what I was wearing. I just grabbed whatever was already in my closet. Years later I have learned that running year round requires some investment in appropriate gear. 

Since I am beyond ready to pack up my winter gear, I thought I'd share what I have been running in all season in a Winter Edition of What's In Your Fitness Closet?

My winter gear is mostly made up of thermal tops, half zips, and long pants. The winters here in New England can get bitterly cold and snowy. So I have stocked up on some essentials to make sure I can run outside in any conditions.

The Nike therma-fit crew neck pullovers are perfect on most of my cold running days. They have thumb holes so I can keep my hands warm without having to wear gloves. They are thicker than the normal dri-fit, yet work the same way: keep me dry.

I also like to wear the Nike dri-fit half-zips. Although they are ideal for winter running, they are a little lighter-weight. Like the therma-fits they all come with thumb holes, but the best features are the mitten cuffs and back zip-pocket that can be found on some. 

My favorite winter running top is a new one I found this year. The Nike Pro Hyperwarm Mock Turtle Neck is perfect on those cold AND windy days. The turtle neck is adjustable with drawstrings and can be used to protect your face. 

In the winter my bottoms are either pants or tights. The pants are nice because they fit snuggly without feeling restrictive the way some running tights can. Running tights work perfectly on runs when the streets are slushy because they don't get wet and heavy.

This year I splurged on a pair of Lululemon Runder Under tights and they became my favorite because they are really soft, warm, and look good. The hidden pockets are very convenient and you can roll them up to add a safety reflective feature. But really, they just look the best!

On really cold days, I obviously wear gloves and/or a hat (if I must), but my new favorite accessory is my Lululemon Brisk Run Neck Warmer. It might look a little funny, but it works so well as either a hood or turtleneck. 

Since it is officially Spring according to the calendar, I am really hoping that the weather here in NH catches up so that I can replace my winter running gear with shorts, skirts, and tanks!

Now, tell me: What's in your fitness closet?

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