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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

July: 82 Workouts

A friend of mine from Shenzhen came to visit today with her son. We spent the day at the beach and took the SUP boards out. It was a super fun way to wrap up the month of July.

The end of the month means that it's time to link up with the Tuesday's On The Run group (Patty, Erika, and Marciaand give myself a grade.

After sort of coming clean and declaring myself a non-runner in June, my focus in July turned to interval training, strength training and active rest days. Basically I recommitted to taking my fitness to the next level without running.

One thing I discovered recently about my Apple sport watch is that it keeps all kinds of workout data in the phone app. According to the app, I have completed 82 workouts in July.

Here's the breakdown:

Strength Training x 12 
I learned more about supersets, pyramid sets, drop sets than I ever have before and loved every minute.

Interval Training x 13
Tabata, HIIT, elliptical sprints, treadmill hill repeats ---> I loved the variety.

Walking x 38 total 26.61 miles
I walked a marathon this month! While I didn't get out and walk every morning, I did make a point to walk more often.

Yoga x 6
I embraced my yoga mat on active rest days and it felt really, really good. Some days it was hard to move into a pose because, well, LEG DAY. Thankfully my Yoga with Adriene videos helped loosen things up.

SUP x 3
I could do this every day. There's just something about being on the water that relaxes me.

Overall, this month reminded me that fitness comes in many forms and to be honest, I haven't missed running that much. I've gotten stronger, my knee has been happier and I feel like I won this one.

What made you feel like a winner in July?

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

June: The Month I Didn't Run

After having more than a few good runs while in the US in April and May, I came up with a brand new running plan and then totally didn't follow it. I couldn't resist flat routes and beautiful Colorado, so I ran more than I said I would.

My knee wasn't happy about that.

For a couple of weeks while littleC was visiting, I gave my knee a break from running and focused on low impact workouts like swimming, easy hiking and walking.

My knee was super happy with that.

So, June became the month I didn't run. It's not the first time I stopped running, but it is the first time that I have admitted that I like it more that my knee is happy than that I went for a run ---> major change in mindset happening here.

Instead I continued to log time in the swimming pool ---> 2950 meters to date. Swimming is going to become my "new" running. It's not the same but swimming does not aggravate my knee and I get a great cardio workout. Bonus, it's perfect for this hot and humid climate I live in!

I found my motivation to get back in the gym after completing a video workout challenge. The goal is to keep strength training in my weekly routine again. My body definitely responds when I pick up the weights.

Lastly, I added more walking into my daily routine and logged 14.26 miles so far. I would like to get into the habit of walking every morning, but it takes awhile for this creature-of-habit girl to get a new habit going.

It kind of feels like my fitness has been a little all over the place. My motivation over the last couple of months has been up and down and up and down. I think it's because I was putting off the inevitable decision to stop running and take care of what is left of my knee. It's scary to give up something that you spent years doing and focusing on it so much that you actually started a blog about it. I mean, what would I do without it? It kind of feels like a fitness identity crisis, ha!

June might have been the month I didn't run, but it is also the month that I realized I'm still a fitness junkie and I'm going to keep running through life one fitness adventure at a time!

Today I'm doing the link-up with Patty, Erika, and Marcia for Tuesdays on the Run! 

How well do you follow your own fitness plans?
Are you a creature of habit or are you more impulsive?