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Friday, August 8, 2014

Fitness Friday: Stand Up Paddle-boarding

At the beginning of the summer I put Stand Up Paddle-boarding on my summer-to-do list (here) and last week mrC and I headed to Hampton Beach to make it happen.

Since our appointment wasn't until 1PM, we decided to start our day at the beach with a 3 mile run. I could run everyday looking at views like this.

After having lunch and relaxing at the beach, we walked over to Hampton Parasail and Stand Up Paddle. The business operates out of a small building on the harbor across from the beach.

After checking in, we picked out life vests, prepped the boards, and then carted them to the cove where we would spend our one hour lesson.

The one hour lesson began right away. We put the boards in the shallow water and climbed on getting into a kneeling position first. After a couple of minutes using the paddles, our instructor guided us into the standing position. She showed us how to manage the waves and use the paddles to make a turn. She also had us practice kneeling down and standing back up in the deeper water. We followed her around the cove and on a little adventure under a couple of piers.

Then we were on our own.

Besides being super fun, Stand Up Paddle-boarding is a great workout:

Arms - carting the boards to the beach, paddling
Core - balancing on the board, paddling
Legs - squats while going under the piers

I'm confident that all our urban surfing at SurfSet classes (see my review here) helped us with our balance on the boards.

What do you think about Stand Up Paddle-boarding?